Betty, The Groomer Chick


I have experience with:

  • puppies, adults, and seniors
  • high and very high energy level doggies
  • doggies with nail sensitivity
  • doggies who have spinal (or other) injuries
  • doggies with disabilities
  • doggies who had previous bad experiences w/ grooming
  • rescue dogs with no previous grooming experience
  • all hair types.

This is Toki /tɜːkɪ/ (on the right), our Belgian Shepherd, also called Malinois.

When you'll arrive, he'll be recharging in his favorite spot after our morning or noon exercise...Would you tell he's a groomer's dog? :))

Would you tell he's a groomer's dog? :))


My name is Betty. Dogs are my passion. I am a dog groomer, dog trainer & dog owner in one person.

I am engaged with hobby pets as well as working, helper or self-protection dogs. My motto is:

"Pack leadership is my lifestyle.™"

I acquired my Grooming (2010) and also my Dog Training Certificate (2008) in Europe. I think dog grooming and dog training are really deeply connected to each other. You need both to achieve excellent outcome either in the dog park or on the grooming table.

I don't just groom doggies, I use training and socialization techniques with my four legged clients to make them love all grooming parts.

They really enjoy spending time with me, even when they ended up in the tub or in front of the dryers, which are really unusual for them, approaching from the dog, as an animal's perspective.

Cesar Millan

I had the opportunity to meet with  Cesar Millan & his Junior (Pit Bull Terrier) in California back in 2010. I also got known with the Director of the Dog Psychology Center:

Caesar Millan's Junior,
Adriana & me

Blizzard & Me

Blizzard is Adriana's Labrador Retriever, one of the main characters from Cesar's Puppy Book. I really enjoyed training Blizzard, see the Center, great location, beautiful landscape and awesome people there. When I had to leave CA, they wrote a couple of words for me in Cesar's newest book, what still melts my heart. (You can see Cesar's Sign & their wishes when you're here to your dog's beauty appointment if you wish.)

My Goal

My goal in the everyday life and with this website/blog is to share my experiences, my knowledge with everybody, who is ready to learn more about this wonderful specie, included hobby pet owners, groomers, working dog owners.

Everything here is for a more comfortable, better pack life in your household for you and your pets and for an even more enjoyable beauty appointment and easier job for the groomers on their working tables.

I want to do everything to make your dog to feel comfortable while being groomed. I want to invite you to the Real Dogs' World, where bows, painted nails or painted coat are not just not important, but not even wanted at all.

Organic & Environmentally Friendly

You are going to enter to a place where I use only organic and or environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products, BPA Free plastic bottles, even my laundry detergent & fabric softeners are Eco-friendly.

Professionalism hides in the tiny details.

Dogs do care about their family, what they 'call' pack.
If more of us could read their dogs' signs, more of us would realize they are starving for a better human-dog pack & there would be much more balanced packs around the world.

Hope you'll enjoy your visit here, you will find the articles exciting & you will come back regularly for new info! :)

In case you have any kind of suggestions or wishes, how could I make this site even better, feel free to contact me! I am always opened for everybody's opinion.

Thank you for your time & have a wonderful day! :)

Belly rubs to your dog(s)!

The Groomer Chick :)

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