Beauty Appointment Checklist

                                                        #1. Latest Rabies Vaccination Record

                                                        Ways to get it to me:

                                                        1. E-mail it in advance (pdf file, high-resolution photo, preferred)
                                                        2. Send 1 high-resolution photo / certificate in advance to (512) 955-4429. I need to be able to zoom in to see the details clearly. (All of the followings: owner's info, dog's info, vet clinic's info, Rabies vaccination info)
                                                        3. Bring the Rabies Certificate paper with you to the appointment.

                                                        Please notify me about your choice!

                                                        For your information:

                                                        I need only the Rabies vaccination updated, but without that I cannot groom any dogs. (Reason: In case a dog bites me, I need to go to a doctor. They'll ask for the dogs Rabies vaccination certificate. In case I cannot provide it, I'll be the one who will get the vaccination, what I want to avoid, I'll get a tetanus shot anyway.)

                                                        #2. Doggy Treats

                                                        Bring your dog's favorite treats (and/or toy), to make the beauty appointment even more fun! :)

                                                        Wet treats are the best, (cut in small pieces) like:

                                                        • cooked chicken breast
                                                        • moist training treats
                                                        • baked chicken liver
                                                        • cheese
                                                        • etc.

                                                        #3. Doggy :)

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