Behavior Modification

For doggies, who had a rough start and or no experience with grooming before, training and desensitization are the most gentle ways to earn their trust back. (Rather than using muzzles and forcing them to get over with it.)
Finding the dog's triggers and working on them will soon result in a comfortable canine, without those frightening late discomfort signs (biting, growling, snapping, etc.), without using muzzles, harnesses or the threat of sedation for grooming later down the road.

"I especially enjoy working with doggies who need training and/or desensitization, because meanwhile, I am making a dog's day, they help me grow as a dog trainer and they sharpen my creativity." ~ Groomer Chick

TRAINING and Desensitization

Home Practice

What's included?

Customized information provided for you to practice at home with your dog. (books, courses, links, videos, etc.)

Recommended for:

Desperate doggy owners who would like to transform their dog's behavior themselves at home with some professional guidelines to speed up the process.

Practice at the groomer

What's included?

The Groomer Chick will practice with your dog at her location and she will desensitize your dog to the grooming steps needed. 

Recommended for:

Doggies who need training and desensitization due to sensitivity to any part of the grooming.

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