Basic Doodle Grooming

Ever wondered what could you do to fulfill your doodle’s grooming needs? Or how to prevent those dreadful short shaves happening to Your dood or doodette? Chances are you felt puzzled trying to decide which grooming tools will get the most comfort for your doodle and the best results for you. In case any of the above ring a bell, the Doodle Grooming Basics was created for you!

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This course is for you if...

✔ your doodle wiggles for brushing and you want to know how to keep him comfortable and cooperative

✔ you want to know which grooming equipment fits your doodle's grooming needs for home grooming

✔ you feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it requires to keep your doodle tangle free (and you want a shortcut)

your doodle got a short shave and you want to avoid it ever happening again (or know how to prevent it)

 you are curious what kind of shampoo and conditioner work best for your dood

 you want to know how to bath your doodle preventing mats developing

There is a Solution

If you checked any of the above, I have good news for you. You are not alone. In this course we will discuss how to combine equipments, methods, environment for a relaxing grooming experience. The tricks I share will help you figure out what kind of needs your doodle tries to fulfill by "not cooperating" and we will find the best solution to help him/her feel comfortable and help you finish the spa day at home on a cooperative dood/doodette as well. We will go through precautions, will analyze doodle body language and come up with multiple action plants including doodle love languages to keep everyone comfortable and the grooming flow seamless and effective.

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A Personal Letter from Betty

The methods I use are the ones I use on my baby and on my clients' babies in my practice as well. I teach a natural, doodle energy level friendly approach that is proven to be successful with hundreds of doodles, like yours, and which I use every day in my grooming practice. This basic course is designed to eliminate the presence of tangles, mats, and get your doodle to his/her best self so you both can enjoy grooming again, the way you were meant to. It is my joy to share this course that has been helping so many doodle moms and dads, with you.


Learn and understand the importance of prevention, get the best brush, comb for your doodle and a method that is gentle on the skin and bring no mercy for the mats. 


Learn the impact and anatomy of tangles and mats, explore different kind of positioning and doodle love languages to have them work for you for a joyful journey.


Try out all the new grooming equipment and methods on your doodle and enjoy the benefits of mindful home grooming with the best company imaginable, your doodle.

Bright Outlook Rather Sooner

Hundreds of doodle moms bombarded me with questions to make their home grooming experience more fun and less stressful. I designed this course based on the doodle moms' questions and on my doodle clients' reaction for different grooming steps. I am please to tell you they reported fast and mesmerizing result, like:

doodles are keeping their feet still for brushing

✔ cleaning the muzzle area is a breeze

removing burs is joyful and fast

brushing the tail and butt areas are no longer a struggle

✔ checking paws, ears, lips as a cooperative team

wiggling while brushing - gone

biting the brush/comb - gone

✔ doodles are staying in one place for home spa in the shower/tub

✔ tangles are loosened much faster

✔ mats are found while they are tiny and brushable

✔ combing is joyful and effective

✔ reduced time needed for brushing (due to the coolest brush)

✔ doodles are walking up to mom to get a butt rub with the brush, comparing to the past when they were running away

From Tolerating to Enjoying

Identifying the Root Cause Triggers of your Doodle,
and Finding the Right Strategy to Keep him/her Comfortable and Cooperative

This course is also for you if...

✔ you want your doodle to fully enjoy the spa days just as you do on a massage therapy

✔ you are ready to take a radically different approach to conventional dog grooming methods

✔ you are ready to groom your baby grooming loop, muzzle and any other kind of restrain free. After all we are moving freely on the massage table, aren't we?

✔ you are ready to add comfort and health to the equation, not just beauty

✔ if you are looking for natural, organic, reliable solutions rather than synthetic and artificial

✔ you are looking to make big changes your approach to doodle grooming yet would enjoy easy to digest, bite-sized portions to do so, with company on the journey


If you are looking for understanding what makes your doodle behave the way he/she does...


and would like to have multiple plans laid out for you to choose from that fits your and your doodle's needs best...


and enjoy the renewed connection you two have by resolving it in a way that makes both of you happy.

Comfort = Cooperation

Leave Overwhelm Behind

No more confusion about equipment, behavior, when, how or what to do

Get Empowered

Gain the confidence you need to take care of your doodle the gentle and natural way

Give Your Best to Your Doodle

Learn to pamper your doodle to enjoy spa days with you to the fullest

Your past experiences do not have to be your destiny.

I'd love to show you how to care for your doodle, the joyful way.

What is Included?

Regular Checkups

What to check on your doodle (and how) to make sure you are keeping him/her healthy and comfortable.


How to deal with the abundance of doodle hair to keep it shaggy looking, loose and tangle free, the gentle way.


How to brush, comb, bath, dry your doodle to help him/her feel comfortable before, meanwhile and after grooming.


Learn about the best tools that fits your doodle's grooming needs, hair type and lifestyle.


Learn to understand how to keep your doodle comfortable and still for grooming.


Learn the best and most comfortable ways (for both of you) to reach tricky spots.

Early Bird Rate

This 5+ hour course is $299.

You will receive these incredible bonuses!


Monthly Roundtable w/ Betty

You will get access to monthly Live Talks with Betty where you can ask questions directly. Let it be sharing a milestone or getting help because you feel stuck, we'll celebrate and find solution for it together! 

Private Online Doodle Club

You will also get access to doodle moms and dads in Betty's private group where you can chat with like minded people from all around the world. Share images, celebrate achievements and grow!

Doodle Grooming Workflow

Get your hands on the workflow of doodle grooming, so you can take each step in the most effective order. Keeping this by your sacred grooming spot will help you both to take each step in the right order.

Preparing for Grooming List

Mark off all the preps with this list before sitting down to enjoy a calm and still doodle! A comfortable dood is a cooperative dood.

Top 10 Nail Care Myths

Familiarize yourself with the most common nail care myths so you can make sure your doodle's spa day is spotless and pain free.

Frequent Checkups List

You will get your hands on this frequent checkups list to help you make sure you inspected all areas on your doodle.  

Doodle Mat Map

This handy drawing will help you take notes about the stages of tangles and mats on your doodle to figure out a few action plans for resolution.


Hungry to learn more? You'll get info about trainers, companies, websites, journals, supplements, all kinds of doodle related goodies.

20% off of the Advanced Course

Get a 20% discount for the Advanced Doodle Grooming Course to be able to take doodle grooming at home to the next level, the joyful way.

In This Convenient Online Course You Will Receive:

✔ Over 3 hours of instructional videos, all of which you can use at your own pace and rewatch whenever you’d prefer.

✔ List of the finest, most comfortable and most effective grooming tools for your doodle.

✔ Monthly live videos with Betty where you can celebrate and troubleshoot together.

✔ A Life Private Club online for doodle moms & dads to support you on this journey (with Betty present).

✔ Daily inspirations and tips in the Private Group.

Downloadable worksheets and doodle transformational practices.

✔ Step-by-step guidance on how to transform your grooming experience and your doodle's behavior.

✔ Tools to change your mindset and thinking to unleash the joy part of spa days at home.

✔ Lifelong access to all of the course contents.

Ready for a still doodle?

Let's do it together!

You CAN restore the balance in your doodle's experience and behavior at any age. It is possible to groom doodles without the use of grooming loops, harnesses, muzzles, etc.

You CAN help your doodle feel his/her best self by using the right kind of equipment, prepare a calming environment and using a method that is gentle yet effective. Getting your doodle ready with some fun training will be incredibly helpful.

I'll guide you through the process and will help you and your doodle every step of the way in this transformation.

Let's start your journey together, today!

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How Is This Course Different?

Taking care of your doodle every day can be hard. I am pleased to organize a training course where I hope to take care of you and your doodle and to make grooming easy and fun for all.

This course has been created by me, Betty Peto. I bring together almost 10 years of professional grooming and dog training experience and a soul of a dog mom.

Most of doodle moms get the typical  grooming tip "Brush your dog more often!" which is pretty sad, because there is much more to take care of the trickiest coat ever created, the doodle's.
Let alone exploring techniques to fit the unique energy level of doodles to be able to groom them on the first place.

In this course, I hope to help you explore a new way of taking care of your baby. A new thinking and new repertoire of methods that will enable you to reconnect with your doodle in a way that will bring much joy and relaxation into both of your lives.

The protocol in this course has been tested and proven to work on hundreds of doodles, doodle moms & dads who are successfully using my gentle doodle grooming techniques.

Because I can see only a small friction of the hundreds of doodle moms who seek my help in doodle grooming each year, I’ve created this training course series so that you, too, can have these solutions – and results – just as if you were sitting with me, in my doodle spa, but in the convenience of your home, and at a fraction of the expense of one-on-one consulting.

The goal of this course is also to give you the tools you need to feel empowered and confident to get a deeper understanding of your doodle's health and wellness. To really see and know what works, how to know you’re getting results you are looking for and get the confidence to know what to ask for (and how!) at your groomer.

Like most of my students,
within probably a few minutes or hours of practice you will be saying:


I want to be the change for my doodle!

What Others Are Saying...

"When I got my doodle puppy I felt beyond happy, but soon I realized I don't really know what to do with his coat. Betty's suggestions were insanely effective, even though he is my first dog who requires regular grooming so we both are beginners when it comes to grooming. I especially like the gentle approach she practices. My puppy's cuddles at grooming times tell me it was worth to be pro active and open up to new ways of doing it." ~Kat S.

"I am an engineer, so I rip stuff apart from logical perspective as you expected. I wanted to understand how brushes work to get a proof that the basic description is not just a sales speech. I was enjoying the details on how important the angles are on the pins of the brush and I could totally see why that small change makes a significant difference. I've tried it and Marley's grooming became much more effective. Very detailed course. I recommend it." ~Robert J.

"My doodle got a terrible experience right at the first time. The haircut was a disaster and she was so very scared when I picked her up. Her behavior changed and she was very protective about her legs when I tried to brush them after this incident. It broke my heart. I felt devastated. After I collected myself I was looking into classes how could I help her overcome this and do her grooming myself until I find a groomer who really cares and pampers my baby. I came across Betty and the beta version of her courses and boy, did we get lucky! I especially enjoyed her "behind the scenes" suggestions what to look for when you are out on groomer hunting to weed out the bad ones up front. I wish I had gotten this course sooner!" ~Carol R.

"I am the worry queen and I am only a wannabe doodle mom. When we put the deposit down for our baby, I instantly started my research how to take care of her. Purchased her bed, bowls, matching harness, collar, you know the drill. But when it came to brushes I had no idea what to buy. There were so many choices. Though I appreciate other doodle mom's experience and suggestions in general, when it came to the perfect brush, I wanted a professional's opinion. So I did the craziest research as I usually do LOL and came across Betty's courses. Instant relief took over my whole body, I felt I came to the right place. Sooo very detailed, with tons of options. I really like to decide for myself what works best FOR US, so I appreciated her suggestions and the freedom it came with to find a solution that can be customized to fit our needs." ~Sarah T.

"This tutorial covered so much that I had hoped to learn. I developed an understanding for the basic tools used in grooming, how they work and the pro's and con's of each. Much of the material that has been covered would be of benefit to the owner of almost any dog breed. Even if your dog isn't a Doodle, you will learn a so much valuable information here! I highly recommend this class to all the dog parents out there!" ~Paula O.

Become your doodle's SPAwcialist!

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Frequently asked questions

When will this course be available?
The course is in the pre-enrollment status. The first part of the course has been released. The all the upcoming lessons of the course will be released by 1/15/2020. You will get lifetime access to all lectures and downloads.

Who is this program for?
This course was created for wannabe, soon to be or already doodle moms & dads, doodle breeders, groomers, doodle lovers, dog sitters, dog walkers basically for everyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of gentle doodle grooming techniques. (Most of the course's curriculum can be applied to other long haired breeds as well.)

How long will I have access?
You will get lifelong access to the course.

Does this program substitute for going to the groomer?
Following this Basic course will help your doodle to feel comfortable and to enjoy being tangle and mat free between grooming sessions. The Advanced Doodle Grooming course will help you push out the time between two grooming sessions and the Don't Poodle My Doodle! Custom Haircuts course will help you totally eliminate the need to go to the groomer.

Do I need fancy grooming supply to be able to follow the curriculum in this course?
If you are doing daily grooming, you can fulfill your doodle's basic grooming needs with a comb only. However I highly recommend to get a doodle coat approved brush for times when you skip a day. You will get specific links to the equipment with are Doodle Groomer Chick approved.

I am already overwhelmed. How can I manage this course with my busy life?
One of the biggest reasons I created this course is to help you do it on your own pace. I will be available on the Facebook group to answer all of your questions along the way.

Is it possible to get my doodle LOVE grooming? I can tell you he really hates brushing right now.
It is absolutely possible. I'll detail how to detect the root cause for behavior and with putting together equipment, method of use, environment, training, exercise, motivation, we can totally succeed in getting doods LOVE grooming. For doodles who had a very traumatic experience or multiple, it will of course take longer in those cases. I have never seen a dog who's behavior we could not turn around with attention and specialized training.

I don't have time to brush my doodle daily. Will I be getting solutions if that's the case?
In a nutshell, yes. I'll help you figure out your doodle's hair type and grooming needs and we'll come up with a custom plan so you can keep your busy schedule intact and your doodle's coat tangle and mat free.

I've tried so many brushes, yet my doodle still hates it. What do have to offer for me?
It not only a specific brush that makes the difference, but the way we use it, how we prepared the doodle for grooming, how distractive or calming the environment is and what kind of motivations we use to keep the doodle focused and engaged. I paws down suggest you to check out this course, because I strongly believe combining the above will give you the results you are looking for.

Can this program help to someone who is on a regular schedule with their groomer?
Absolutely. It will probably mesmerize your doodle and groomer to have zero tangles and mats in your doodle's coat and it also might help you to push out the grooming appointments as well.

What if I can't keep up with the course because something comes up in my life?
This course is designed to be self-paced, so you can finish it as fast or as spread out as it fits in your schedule.

Can this course be useful on elderly doodles as well?
Yes!! Along the course, I will point out what to look out for for young, adult, elderly doodles, 
extremely high energy level ones as well as for doodles with special needs. (amputees, visual impairment, etc.)

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I am confident with a commitment to this program you will find this course helpful and effective on your doodle. I also would like you to have a peace of mind and offer the comfort of a full refund, no questions asked within 7 days of purchase. Please contact Betty via the Online Refund form.