Full-body trim (at home prep)

For those who keep their doodles absolutely tangle and mat-free, want to save big on the grooming bill, are willing to prepare the coat for the trim the day of or the day before the haircut and can keep it clean up until the arrival to the spa.
This dry cut package is strongly recommended for puppies after at least one FFF (face, feet, fanny) trim session to ease them into "The Works".

*New clients who want to take advantage of this service need to take a grooming course on "coat preparation for haircuts" and "hair maintenance" or present the coat for a checkup as a proof of their skill already in place. (Presentation can happen in person or via a video about the cleanliness of the coat and combing their doodle all over the body.) It will help keep a smooth schedule flow and we can avoid delays or unfinished services due to dematting.

With the proper preparation, it usually takes about 60 minutes to perform a full-body trim on a dry coat, on a socially skilled, trained, and cooperative doodle.

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