My First Grooming Appointment

Your first grooming appointment is very different from previous grooming experiences. Be prepared for a lot of questions asked about your doggy.

We will dedicate 15-20 minutes at the beginning to talk about your dog's previous grooming experiences, health, how you groom him/her at home, what kind of tools do you use and are there any obstacles that are stopping you grooming your doggy.

There will be time dedicated for a quick Q & A however for customized and detailed "Hair Maintenance at Home" questions and training, there is a separate service, which can be done at the same time of your appointment, but needs to be booked in advance.

Checklist for Making your First Appointment

To be able to find you the earliest suitable opening, (being able to give you an estimate if needed) the Groomer Chick will need to know your dog's current coat quality and the desired trim. Please provide images about both. Proof of current Rabies Vaccination is required at the time of finalizing the booking. Dogs without proof of current Rabies vaccination will not be booked.

Please send all 4 of the followings to the Groomer Chick to make an appointment:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Practice Basics and Rules & Regulations pages
  2. Send the Proof of Current Rabies Vaccination (jpeg or pdf format)
  3. Send high quality, close up and full body Image(s) about your dog's current hair length, hair amount and quality
  4. Send high quality, full body Image(s) about the desired trim for your dog
  5. Send the New Client Intake Form filled, signed, dated to the Groomer Chick

Please send the Rabies pdf, the New Client Intake Form and the images in one email!

Checklist for your first Appointment

  1. Treats (read more about treats)
  2. Toys (read more about toys)
  3. Doggy  (read more about how to prepare your dog for the grooming session grooming)

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