Making your first appointment

How to Make an Appointment?

The Groomer Chick is a specialized grooming practice in Doodle and Poodle trims.

Betty is currently taking on Doodle and Poodle clients only.

"I won't poodle your doodle!"   ~ Betty, The Groomer Chick

To be able to find you the earliest suitable opening, (being able to give you an estimate if needed) please follow the steps below to make an appointment!

Step 1.

Familiarize yourself with the Practice Basics and Rules & Regulations pages

Step 2.

Send the required info (all in one email) to the Groomer Chick to make an appointment!

  1. Proof of Current Rabies Vaccination (jpeg or pdf format)
  2. Image(s) about your dog's current hair length, hair amount and quality.
  3. Image(s) about the desired haircut for your dog.
  4. New Client Intake Form filled, signed, dated to the Groomer Chick

Please provide high quality, distance and close up images as well about your dog and about the desired trim if applicable.
Dogs without proof of current Rabies vaccination will not be booked.

New Client Intake Forms

Checklist for Your Dog's First Beauty Appointment

  1. Treats (learn more about treats)
  2. Toys (learn more about toys)
  3. Doggy  (learn more about how to prepare your dog for the grooming session grooming)

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