Nail Trimming e-book

In this book you’ll learn to:

  • keep your dog comfortable and still for paw care (paw hair trimming, nail trimming, nail filing)
  • be able to trim dog nails without causing discomfort, pain or bleeding for anyone on either end of the nail clipper
  • figure out your dog’s nail type
  • get the right type and size of equipment, customized to your dog’s nail size and needs
  • tell whether your dog needs a nail care appointment or not yet
  • make nail care plans for dogs with extremely long nails
  • train and desensitize your dog to nail care

This book is for actively practicing, soon to be or wannabe:

  • Groomers
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders
  • Dedicated dog lovers or dog owners who want to learn how to safely trim dog nails.

There are 7 major parts of this book:

  1. Nail Care Myths
  2. Positioning
  3. Comfort Measures
  4. Nail Structure
  5. Equipment
  6. Nail Trimming Technique
  7. Training and Desensitization 101

This book is for everyone, who agrees to the following quote:

“You do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” ~Maya Angelou

Become a Nail Savvy!

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