Practice Basics


The Groomer Chick’s Grooming Salon is located at 3900 Oak Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78727. Directions


Betty's booking assistant, Adel arranges all the bookings via email. Feel free to contact her with any questions!

General Questions

If you have any general questions, please send an email to Adel and she'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Phone Calls

Since the Groomer Chick practices off-leash dog grooming on the grooming table, she is unable to take phone calls. Adel, Betty's booking assistant replies to all booking requests via emails Monday through Friday.

Text messaging

On the day of your appointment, please text the Groomer Chick with any questions regarding your appointment. The business cell number can be found in your booking confirmation email. With any other questions, please send an email to Adel!


Booking Confirmations, Reminders

Booking confirmations and reminders are being sent out automatically via email and text to clients to contribute to a smooth schedule, without delays.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. When you contact the Groomer Chick about a specific booking, please reply to the booking confirmation for a faster reply and service!


You can rebook by filling out the online booking form.

Pre-booking multiple appointments at a time is available up to a year in advance.

Drop-off, Pickup

The Groomer Chick is grooming one dog at a time, meaning your dog is going to be the only one in the spotlight at the time of his/her spa appointment. No other dogs will be present, but hers. Please arrive ~5 mins early to the appointment so you can let your dog sniffing a little & leave doggy business cards.

The Groomer Chick will give you a time estimate before you leave the doggy with her about the time your dog is going to be ready and she will notify you 30 minutes before your dog is going to be done and about the total. (usually in a text message)

No boarding services are provided by the Groomer Chick, on time drop off and pick up are required. Late fees apply. (See below.) Thank you for your understanding!

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