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"Can't say enough good things about Betty. Her service got me to finally write my first ever yelp review. Her setup is perfect. Separate area of her house, quiet, comfortable for my pup. My dog is very attached to me and usually does not let me leave her with strangers or outside of our house (She can't be kenneled). She had no problems staying with Betty and was not stressed at all. Haircut was perfect and exactly what I wanted. A little bit more expensive than quoted, but I know it was an estimate and it was within $10. Betty even gave us pointers on how to keep my pup groomed at home when we don't bring her in. Way above an beyond what she had to do. Amazing. Would definitely recommend to friends and family, and will bring my baby back when I can't keep her hair neat on my own."
- Joey J. from Orlando, FL

"I never write reviews but I have so many great things to say about Betty! I have taken my two Pomeranians to her a number of different times and will never go to anyone else. She is so sweet and my dogs are always super excited when I drop them off and happy when I pick them up as well!! I feel safe leaving them with her because I know they are in such good care. She always sends text updates on how they are doing and when she will be done grooming them, she has never taken longer than her estimated time and is sometimes even done early. Pricing is very reasonable. She uses great products that are all natural and the shampoo/conditioner smells so good. Booking appointments is easy and she always has an appointment time that works for me, it's also great that she can work out two appointment times to groom both my dogs together. Since my dog Sadie has long, thick hair I get her shaved every summer. The first time I got the cut done I showed Betty a picture I found online and it came out exactly like the picture, it comes out flawless and super cute every time! Betty has great recommendations every time I see her. She suggested adding natural oil (like coconut oil) to their food to help their coats grow out thick and shiny, how to safely file down sharp/long nails, how to easily get off the "tears" under the dogs eyes, and even gave me a recommendation on organic flea medication and collars. Betty always goes above and beyond and you can tell she loves what she does and is amazing at grooming! She is literally the best and I recommend her to everyone!"
-Lauril T. from Round Rock, TX

"Betty was amazing! I took my 5 month old Chow in for his first time to be groomed and she was so patient and gentle with him. She let him get comfortable and sniff everything before starting while she talked with me about what I wanted done and my pup's temperament. When I returned to pick him up Betty talked with me about what she had done and showed me some techniques and recommended a better brush for keeping up his grooming at home. He was so soft and smelled great. For both my and my pup's first experience with a groomer it couldn't have been better!"
-Cameron M. from Austin, TX

"Betty is super!!! Can recommend her without reservation. She has groomed my elderly Mini Schnauzer...he loves her and always looks perfect. Very professional, wonderful grooming and doggies and Mummy love her."
-Martha W. from Austin, TX

"Betty is so amazing with my Maltese! She really cares about my dog and my dog always looks perfect after. My Maltese can be difficult at times but loves Betty's kind and gentle serves. Great service and feel so comfortable trusting my pet with her."
- Arianna P. from Albuquerque, NM

"We were on a waiting list to get our dog groomed somewhere else but after a couple months waiting we decided to look elsewhere. That's when we found the Groomer Chick. Betty is amazing!!! We have a high energy Keeshond with demanding grooming needs. We had doubts on how much Betty could accomplish with a dog that is so hyper but she had no problems with grooming her. The text updates and video clips are also pretty great. We are so pleased with The Groomer Chick!"
-C. S. from Austin, TX

"I moved here from Chicago and thus lost my groomer. I didn't know where to begin as I hate big box stores. I searched and found Betty and she's my official groomer. When we first arrived, the three dogs were high energy and nervous. She sat on the floor to ask me a few questions about the type of cut I wanted and contact information. While on the floor with her calm energy, my three also calmed down to her level. They were excited and confident instead of nervous and scared. She took about 1.5 hours on each dog and it was time to pick them up. They were excited to see me and yet also excited to show me their new haircuts. They danced all around! I've never had my dogs so calm for a groom at pickup or drop off. They all smell great. We see eye to eye on how to groom them and expectations. She set my expectations at the drop off, so there weren't any surprises. Best grooming experience. Just loved her!"
- Kathleen I. from Chicago, IL

"She is great! Loved my dog and no kennels. June Bug was pleased as was I. Highly recommend."
- Nancy H. from Austin, TX

"I took my extremely fearful dachshund to Betty and she was amazingly patient, kind and understanding of my pups fearful nature. I could not have asked for a better experience and would definitely visit her again. In a town where dog groomers are on almost every corner she is one of a kind and if you love your pup the way I love mine you'll be glad you made this choice!"
- Jenny P. from Pflugerville, TX

"It would be hard to imagine taking my dogs to a better groomer. I actually get text message and picture updates throughout their short sessions with Betty. I also often reach out to Betty regarding my dogs health, because I trust her judgment that much. I appreciate that she does not crate my dogs, and in fact my dogs don't look back at me when I drop them off because they have so much fun with her! I feel confident saying you won't get this treatment anywhere else and especially at her low prices! We love the Groomer Chick!"
- Dawn M. from Austin, TX

"I am so glad that I found out about Betty here on yelp. I had been going to a really good groomer but they started changing their staff too much and their quality was being affected. It was great meeting Betty. She is so sweet and asked plenty of questions about my two dogs and they were very comfortable around her. During our meeting she paid close attention to me, my son and two dogs. When I returned to pick them up, they looked super cute and she gave a report on their behavior. I highly recommend Betty. Great customer service and great with the doggies!"
- Lydia H. from Round Rock, TX

"If I could have Betty groom ME I would do it. What a soothing voice and disposition. When I went to pick Hoppy and Elbie up they were excited to see me but when we sat down to discuss their grooming and how it went etc. they both went straight to Betty. Hahaha! That's a great sign! It was a bit of a drive for us but we will keep driving to get groomed by Betty. They loved her and that's all I care about."
-Julia H. from Austin, TX

"I love Betty!! She is so great to work with and I know that my puppy is treated great! My puppy always has great hair cuts. She takes detailed notes and cuts it exactly how I ask her to. Her prices are extremely reasonable but even if they weren't, I would pay whatever I had to get him in to see Betty. Communication is always easy as well."
-Whitley P. from Austin, TX

"Super Duper Amazing! I wish could give Betty 10 Stars, I am speechless. I was referred to her from a response of a post I posted in Facebook for my neighborhood looking for a groomer. I am glad one person referred me to Betty. I looked at her website and i was sold. My Shih Tzu is almost 5 months and I introduced him to grooming as soon as I could. I took him to Petsmart and they gave me a report that he didn't like his front nails or face touched. Then I tried his daycare since they do grooming as well. When the daycare provider told me it takes 2 people to do file his nails, I knew I had to find a solution for my fur baby. I don't ever want to put my fur baby in a stressful position. I sent an email to Betty and got a quick response. I told her the grooming history for my fur baby and what I expected. Boom I set an appointment the following week. Betty works out of her home, which is a plus. We entered and it was very clean. She has a very spacious and clean work area. No crates or dryer boxes! Very bright with soft instrumental music in the background. Betty sat with me and we talked about his grooming experience and she asked questions that no one has ever asked as part of the grooming process. My fur baby was sniffing around and wagging his tail, I knew he was cool with it. For now all I wanted was a face, sanitary, ear and nail trim. Within 45 minutes he was done, when I saw my fur baby, I was very pleased. Betty showed me a video of her filing his paws and trimming his face. She has a soft voice which really put him at ease plus she doesn't use that leash around his neck to hold him in place. She trimmed his face and he didn't move around or try to jump off the table. He was very calm. Once you go to Betty you won't need to look anywhere else....she's a keeper! PS....I'm bringing my other Shih Tzu as a new client as well! Thank you Betty!!!!"
- Sandra C. from Round Rock

"Betty is wonderful! When I rescued my Schnadoodle I'd never had a long-haired dog before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. In the beginning, I was trying to groom her myself with my hair cutting scissors and did okay but wanted to find a really good groomer. I searched YELP and one of the highest rated was Betty so I called and made an appointment. All those reviewers were absolutely right! She's sweet and kind and gifted with animals. Cami loves going to the Groomer Chick and she always looks so adorable when I pick her up! Betty even texted me pictures during her first appointment to keep me updated, which set my mind at ease. Overall Betty is an amazing groomer and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Cami!"
- Christine L. from Austin, TX

"There's a reason she has such great ratings! I took my handsome little nugget to Betty today and she did an amazing job. Her house was very easy to get to, she was very knowledgeable and friendly, her rates are competitive, and the results are great. My dog came back happy, and looking like a different dog. My pup might not break my vacuum cleaner after all! Thanks, Betty!"
-Andrea E. from Austin, TX

"Betty was fantastic! Upon arrival, she took the first 20 minutes of our session to let Lily sniff around and get acquainted with her and her studio. Betty immediately put me at ease. I instantly knew Lily was in good hands. The work was nothing short of amazing! Lily looked and felt fantastic when I picked her up. We will definitely be back!!"
-Ashley A. from Austin, TX

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"My appointment was fantastic starting out with a thorough review of expectations beforehand concluding with a tremendously beautifully groomed fur-baby who had been well taken care of throughout his new experience. We LOVE the Groomer Chick...her warm and caring personality to ensure both owner and pet are most satisfied! We have found our local groomer thankfully as new transplants to Austin, woohoo!"

"WOW! Betty is such a godsend!! I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found her. Seriously. My chihuahua has a horrible fear of nail trimming. I went to many reputable places, but they would either end up hurting him or give up half way through. Then I came across The Groomer Chick on Yelp. I sent her a text the day after Thanksgiving- a day when most places wouldn't even be open, let alone responding to appointment requests- and she text me back within an hour! I explained my situation and she assured me she had many clients with this fear of nail trimming and thought she could help. I arrived at her home a few days later (she was very flexible with her hours and got me in right away!) and I immediately loved her. She had a large work place that was very clean, and she told me to let my pup Murphy walk around and explore the room so he would relax and be more comfortable. She said she wasn't going to make Murphy get on the grooming table because that might upset him, so instead I held the little guy and she worked around me to file his nails gently and with great care. I couldnt believe it!! My dog had never done so well getting his nails filed. If he got antsy or freaked out she would just have him take a break, let him walk around and then a couple minutes later we would go back to it. I almost teared up from relief when his nails were done. Betty truly cares for animals and her obvious knowledge of grooming comes through from the minute she starts. She even showed me how to file his nails at home so I can save money! I just couldnt be more thankful I found her. Betty is officially my new groomer and Murphy's newest buddy. Highly recommend her over any other place or person in the city. A++
- H.C. from Austin, TX"

"I was nervous as a first time mommy getting her baby groomed and couldn't find anyone or place that had just great reviews and made me feel comfortable,when I heard of Betty and then looked it up, I loved that she not only didn't crate them or do any harsh chemicals but it's one on one!! She was so nice,made sure my baby boy felt really relaxed coming in and answered all my questions, and kept me updated on how he was doing. I even got before and after pictures. Had the best experience and my boy was a happy guy when I left and picked him up. Highly highly recommend... Seriously the best!!!
- Jenna B. from Round Rock"

"Betty is outstanding! She made sure my dog was well taken care of, and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I highly recommend!
- S. H. from Round Rock, TX"

"Betty's passion for pets and their furry coats shines through her excellent work! We recently took our mini schnauzer to see her for the first time and were thoroughly impressed. Betty spent 30 minutes with us getting our puppy acclimated and comfortable and getting to know us and our grooming expectations. She was detailed oriented, kind and gentle = all attributes I greatly appreciate after a terrible experience at our last groomers. Betty spent three hours with our little girl who came out looking just as we had hoped! Betty adhered to all of our grooming suggestions, and even spent time giving us tips on how to better groom our pup at home. A week later, and our dog still looks amazing. This is without a doubt the best haircut she's ever had. We can't wait to go see Betty again!
- Rebekah H. from Austin, TX"

"Love, love, love her!!! Not only is Betty sweet, kind and so good with my dog but she does a great job grooming. My little Cocker Spaniel looks amazing when I get her back from the session.
One thing that I thought was so great of her is that when I took Holly to her the other day, she called me 2 hours into the grooming session. Holly had an ear infection in BOTH ears. After Betty cleaned Holly's ears, Holly wouldn't let Betty go anywhere near her. :( Betty called me and I came over. Holly calmed down and Betty was so nice to finish grooming dog. I can't say enough great things about Betty. Thank you!
- Kellie S. from Austin, TX"

"Betty is FANTASTIC!! We moved to Austin late 2013 and waited almost a year to take our dogs for a grooming. I couldn't handle not knowing a good local groomer that would love them like we do! She was so sweet--had a great recap at the end-- and the dogs looked amazing!! We will be going back for a long time!!
- Erica A. from Austin, TX"

"Betty is the best! Seriously, I didn't think I could like a groomer this much. My maltese, Jack always got a good grooming from previous groomers, but he HATED them. He always freaked out when I took him there and when I picked him up. But he loves Betty. She is so sweet to him. She genuinely cares about him. I just love it. I will NEVER take him to another groomer. She did a great job grooming him, is extremely knowledgeable and even sent me text and picture updates in the middle of his grooming.
This was the best grooming experience I have ever had with my little guy. Look no further. Use Betty.
- Jordan B. from Abilene, TX"

"Betty did a fantastic job with our terrier. It was our first grooming experience, and I was a little nervous because I've seen so many groomers get bad reviews. But Betty was awesome! She gave me tons of information about how my dog did, and tips for prolonging the times between grooms. She also found these little tiny splinters or thorns in his leg, and she pulled them all out and saved them so I could see what they were. I was totally amazed at the care and attention she gave the little guy! She was clearly very gentle with my dog, and he left totally happy with his new do. I can't recommend her enough!
- Carole C. from Austin, TX"

"Wow! My dog and I won the lottery when we found Betty! She is the BEST of the BEST!. I've hated taking my dog to get groomed...he was always just a dog to get done. Betty treated him with the most gentle and loving manner. He was NEVER anxious with her. Her rates are amazing! (I tipped her handsomely.) My dog got a TERRIFIC trim...with no anxiety or angst! I LOVE BETTY!
- Jean M. from Austin, TX"

"Betty is absolutely amazing! She's super knowledgeable, very thorough, and extremely professional and friendly. We've been taking our miniature schnauzer to her for a while to get groomed and we've had nothing but positive experiences with Betty. She goes above and beyond in helping us with any concerns we might have about his behavior or grooming and even emails us helpful tips and website links for things we can do at home. Five stars all around!
- Elizabeth S. from Austin, TX"

"Awesome grooming experience! Betty really cares about our 4 legged friends! She took time to document everything about my pet to ensure a positive experience for roxy and the results I was looking for. Her home was clean and she was very professional. Don't be afraid to give Betty a chance, you won't be disappointed!
- Sharla M. from Round Rock"

"Today was our first visit and Betty was amazing! I have absolutely no complaints at all. I will continue to take my dogs to her as long as I am living in Austin. She was timely, reasonably priced, and uses wonderful natural products! I even went to her website and got 50% off my first grooming!! Betty also took the time to sit down before the appointment and explain everything to me, get a complete history about my dog, and give me some VERY helpful pointers on maintenance between grooming visits. By the time I left, I felt completely comfortable leaving my four-legged child with her. The thing I love the most is she does not keep Buster (my dog) in a cage at all. I picked him up as soon as he was done and she did not take any other appointments while she had him. I have a spaniel/border collie mix and I had Betty do a complete package (nails, shave down, bath, ears) and the results were professional, and he looks great! MOST importantly, I could tell that Buster was happy when I picked him up!!! My dogs are like my kids so I do not give good referrals lightly, but I would not hesitate send anyone Betty's way!
- Lacera S. from Austin, TX"

"A great home-based salon for pets--definately worth yelping about. At your first visit, expect to spend some time visiting with Betty. She will want to learn all about your precious baby. She will keep a detailed file on your pet. As others have stated, her facility is clean and organized. From what I understand, she works with only one pet at a time, so there are no animals locked in kennels, waiting hours for their turn. Your pet will receive individualized attention and care. She does not use those strong perfumes/deodorants that other places do. When finished, your pet will be very clean, but won't smell like baby powder or candy cane or whatever for a week thereafter. Betty's policy is to use only products which are harmless to pets. Our little terrier mix loves Betty. Highly recommend!
- Tracy P. from Austin, TX"

"Betty was super friendly and such a good mommy to both my mini poodles Napoleon and Lulu. I had explained to her that I had used Yelp to find a groomer for my babies a few months ago and the reviews for that place were great however I picked up my Lulu with pieces of her ear missing and cuts to both their faces. I told her I was nervous and hesitant over the phone due to the experience they had, nonetheless, once I met her, I fell in love with her demeanor and I knew right away that she is a pet lover and also that my babies were able to run around without being caged up. Betty even sent me pics of Napoleon playing with her pup. And she even gave me some tips and suggestions on keeping up with the maintenance of their hair. I can't say enough good things about her. She is my babies groomer for life. I highly suggest using her services. Thanks Betty!
- Annie S. from Austin, TX"

"She is fabulous! She truly loves working with the animals, and does a wonderful job. She definitely goes above and beyond.
- Erika W. from Austin, TX"

"I cannot say enough great things about Betty! My dog loves her just as much as we do. Her work environment is clean, her demeanor is professional, and her prices super affordable. We're so lucky to have discovered her!
- Katherine J. from Austin, TX"

"I loved my experience with Betty! She was so nice, professional and knowledgeable about animals. She kept me updated through texts which was totally convenient and she has the best deals! I got my 80 lb golden doodle groomed for only $25! Everything included! I'm definitely going back, not only to gain my 7th grooming free, but also because Betty did an excellent job! Thanks Betty!
- Chelsea M. from San Marcos, TX"

"Best grooming experience I've had! Betty works from her home, is professional, and so thorough. She took great care of my dog - simple things like trimming closely around his face, between paws, and cleaning his ears.
I was hesitant to deviate from the grooming chains, but I'm so glad I did. You are free to stay during the grooming session as well.
I could tell Betty loved dogs and knew what she's doing. It's not just a job for her.
Her price is competitive - if not better! - than the other options. I liked that she communicates via phone, text, and email - whatever you prefer. She sent photos of my dog during his stay, and, she gives discounts for your first time.
- Caro R. from Houston, TX"

"Betty treated my dog like she was some kind of doggy royalty. My dog appeared to thoroughly enjoy her visit and looked great afterwards. On the ride home, she was very calm like she had just come back from some sort of doggy yoga or spa experience. We'll be back again.
- Tom B. from Leander, TX"

"Betty The Groomer Chick is so professional! She took her time getting to know my dog and me, made sure I was clear about what I expected in a haircut for my dog, and even took the time to give me an update during the process to make sure I knew things were going well. I am so glad to have someone so reliable nearby and will be sure to let others know about her too. I haven't experienced anyone else like her, and the results speak for themselves. Great work!
- Shannon B. from Austin, TX"

"Betty is an outstanding groomer! Compassionate and gentle and caring to her doggie clients. Knowledgeable about various products to use on dogs for different conditions. Website has much information. Excellent grooming skills. I have found my permanent groomer! Very reasonable prices.
- Ellen R. from Austin, TX"

"I want to start out with saying that I stumbled upon The Groomer Chick on craigslist. Im not going to lie I was kind of leary about finding a groomer on craigslist and considering she was working from her home. But we went ahead and took the chance and gave it a go. Betty and her husband are the owners, and they are great people. I have two very small yorkies that now go frequently to visit Betty for there hair, nails, etc.Betty is very knowledgable about animals in general, in fact she has given us advice on our second yorkie that we just got to better her health. The prices are very reasonable and we were able to get our first visit to try her out 50% off. She does a spectacular job every time!!! She is always consistent! That is a plus in my book because I like consistency! I highly recommend The Groomer Chick to anyone who has animals that are in need of hair cuts, nails trims etc. You will love her!
- Taylor & Ashli from Round Rock, TX"

"I took my dog Cena to Betty and she did a wonderful job. I will definitely take her back next time. The price was awesome.
- Jennifer C."

"Our dogs Frazier and Bailey Jane were recently groomed by The Groomer Chick. Bailey got a bath, ear cleaning ect. While Frazier (a poodle mix) got a cut down. She did a fantastic job! The cut looked great! Super clean, detailed and very organized. One of his best grooms ever! They both were taken great care of and the price was very reasonable. We will definitely be back every time!
- Lynly H. from Austin, TX"

"Betty is awesome!
First of all, she was able to book me last minute! She then took the time to get to know my pup, Toby. She wanted to know what made him comfortable and if he had any discomforts. Betty made sure to know exactly how I wanted my dog groomed, which can be tricky when dealing with a Fox Terrier.
I am soo going back to her the next time Toby needs a hair cut! He looks like and angel! Thanks Betty!
- Betsy P. from Austin, TX"

"AMAZING!! I can not say a single negative thing about my experience here. It is completely obvious that Betty loves animals and her job. I took my neighbors dog, who i was watching over the weekend, to get groomed because it looked like he had never been groomed in his life and he didn't smell too great either. But, he is a sweet golden retriever and he just had tons of hair and was a bit neglected. Betty literally gave the dog a make over that hardly made him recognizable. He looked really beautiful and he was so happy. She took so many extra steps and has a really good eye for detail. I honestly wanted to pay her triple for what she charged me and she flat out refused to take my money. Betty is a wonderful person and the best groomer I have ever taken a dog to. I would HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you so much Betty.
- Steve R. from Austin, TX"

"Betty The Groomer Chick was AMAZING!! So very attentive, polite, detailed oriented and patient! My beauty appointment for my Marley girl was such a positive experience. Very peaceful environment and she has such a calling for animals (:
Not only is Betty a fantastic "Groomer Chick", she's also a behavior trainer and was kind enough to give me some pointers for my girl. Double sweet!!
I'll definitely be taking Marley back to see Betty and YOU should check her out too!
- Angela S. from Pflugerville, TX"

"AWESOME! Betty "The Groomer Chick" is wonderful. I took my girl to her after being disappointed over and over with others. Betty spent time getting to know her, allowed her to walk around and become famaliar with the surroundings before she began grooming her. My girl was absolutely gorgeous after her visit and got compliments from everyone on her new look.
Betty takes her time, NO RUSHING, she talks to the animals in a soft voice, gives them a little break when they seem a bit anxious and also a little treat if they need to settle down a bit. Best of all; NO CRATES! What a great "chick" she is. My little girl just loves her.
The Groomer Chick is sbsolutely wonderwul with the animals. You can just feel her love as she works with your pet. We hope she will make Austin her home.
Give her a call and see for yourself what a great place this is to get your special friend groomed.
Baylee and I will be going back very soon.
- Betty T. from Austin, TX"

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