Your First Appointment

Chances are, that your first grooming appointment at the Groomer Chick is going to be very different from previous grooming experiences.

At the beginning, we will let your dog off leash in the grooming salon and let her/him sniff the area and the Doodle Groomer Chick and get comfy. (The Doodle Groomer Chick will sit on the ground with your pup, you'll be provided a chair.)

Meanwhile, you all will review the New client intake form(s) you sent in together. (~10-15 minutes)

You all will talk about:

  • your dog's previous grooming experiences,
  • how you groom him/her at home,
  • what kind of tools do you use, and
  • are there any roadblocks making it unpleasant or preventing you providing basic grooming for your doggy at home.

After the reviewing the form, there will be time dedicated for an easy to answer Q & A.
Note: For customized and detailed "Hair Maintenance at Home" questions and training, the Doodle Groomer Chick offers a separate service, which can be provided at the same time of your appointment, however, needs to be booked in advance to keep a smooth schedule flow.

We both will make sure that your dog(s) is (are) comfortable in the new area and is fine being touched, lifted up to the grooming table by the Doodle Groomer Chick.

There will be a full body examination to better understand your dog's hair conditions and make any adjustments regarding the hairstyle according to his/her hair quality at the moment.
In case there will be any significant change in the estimate or the hairstyle cannot be done due to an excessive amount of matted hair, this is the time when you will be notified about it.

After the examination, the Doodle Groomer Chick will ask you whether you have any questions. If so, she will reply and your dog's beauty appointment will begin after you leave.

You will be notified of the pickup time 30 minutes before your dog will be done.

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