Eye area trim

Just as we are, dogs enjoy seeing the surroundings and feel moot confident when they are able to observe the happenings around them the fullest.

Doodles have mesmerizing hair amount all over their body, included their heads. They have a constantly growing hair forest, so they need and appreciate some facial trimming every now and then to keep their eyes comfortable and eye booger free.

Eye area trim is usually referred to:

  • the inner corner of the eyes
  • the top of the nose
  • bangs
  • eyebrows
  • eye leashes

Keeping those areas clean will help your doodle:

  • get and feel comfortable in water (especially important for puppies) and on the ground
  • enjoy other doggies' and humans' company because they can see the other one's body language better
  • develop less eye boogers

A doodle who can see without hair around his/her eyes tends to be lot more delighted and outgoing.

Most doodle owners are in a big dilemma, because they want to keep their doodle's fluffy, goofy character, but also want to help them see easily and comfortably.

Some of my two legged clients had very bad experiences before coming to me and came to me with horror in their eyes and stressed out on how much they do not want me to "poodle their doodle" or how much they want to avoid the scooped eyes.

I am always very happy when a doggy owner comes to me and they know what they want. It is much easier to satisfy someone, when you know what they are looking for.

The best way in my opinion to explain your needs to a groomer is if you look around on Pinterest or Instagram or other social media for doodle photos. Taking a screenshot about them is super easy and sending or bringing them to your groomer as a reference will make it very clear what you are looking for.

This easy trick will help you both get it right away and the groomer can let you know his/her professional thoughts on the trim.

Sometimes the desired trim can not be done because of matted spots in the area or the doodle has a different hair type or hair amount than the one on the image the owner brings in for the appointment.

In those cases, I prefer to talk to the owners right then and share my professional opinion so they'll have a chance to choose whether they want me to proceed or they'd like a 2nd opinion.

I'm very big on going that rout myself in my personal life, too. :) I do enjoy seeing my options, do my research, getting other perspectives on a specific topic and I enjoy my clients having that freedom, too.

Hope this article helped you with sharing your desired trim for your dood and as always, share your questions with me! :)

As always, belly rubs to your doodle(s)! :)