The Groomer Chick Experience


Photo by Seth Weisfeld on Unsplash

Exclusive Doodle Grooming 

All of Betty's canine clients get custom pampering, tailored to their individual needs.

  • Betty grooms her clients from start to finish
  • 100% Cage and Cage Dryer Free
  • Positive Reinforcement with your dog’s favorite treats and toys
  • Dog Centered, Relaxing, Familiar Environment: Only one household’s pets / booked appointment (up to 3 doggies at a time) so no other dogs will be around but mine.
  • Only one dog in the spotlight at a time. Comfortable resting/napping spot in the grooming room for the rest of same household members.
  • Pee/Poop Breaks are included (Start, Finish and hourly in between) direct access to fenced in yard from grooming shop.
  • Fresh (hairless) Drinking Water Access at all times (changed after each appointment).

Betty has Experience with

  • All Canine hair Types & Hair Length
  • Puppy, Adult, Elderly dogs
  • Beginners, Sensitive or Reactive dogs with previous bad or no grooming experience
  • Dogs with amputated leg, docked tail, cropped ears or paralyzed dogs (they need special attention, due to more sensitivity around specific areas)
  • Visually and/or Hearing Impaired dogs

Gentle Grooming Techniques

  • No “Chin Lock” Holding for grooming or positioning the head (“Chin Lock” = Grabbing hair under the chin to keep the dog still or rotate the head) I rather hold the muzzle gently with 2 fingers only (1 on top & 1 on bottom) and provide a low distraction environment to prevent wiggle.
  • The Canine client is moving Free on the table by default throughout the grooming with Betty’s 100% focus on him/her at all times.
  • No Grooming Loops (but in the tub for beginner doggies, due to safety reasons)
  • No muzzles
  • No harnesses, or any sort of physical tightening to the table
  • Exceptional Grooming on the Floor for Elderly dogs / Puppies / Beginners if necessary.
  • No phone calls answered while Betty is grooming due to safety reasons.

Dog Centered Grooming Workflow

  • No Routine Anal Gland Expressions, but yes routine anal gland Checkups.
  • No Routine Ear Flushing. (Do not fix what is not broken! Supporting healthy ear flora by letting it be.)
  • Betty uses ceramic clipper blades (they take longer to overheat and leave a lot more even haircut on the coat)
  • Betty carefully and frequently checks the clipper blade temperature on herself (pressing the blade to her wrist for 5 seconds and changes the blades when necessary to avoid clipper burns on the dogs)
  • Full Body Brush out, Desheding, Demating Before the Bath (No high-velocity blow dryer use on the highest setting to open up matted hair, because that is not comfortable for the dog.)
  • Gentle Nail Care timed after the bath (unless they are extra long and bothering the dog)
  • Nail Length Evaluation
  • Dog Behavior Evaluation
  • Paw Rinse and nail scrub if necessary (muddy toenails)
  • Paw pad Hair Trim
  • “Paw Pad Boomerang” Trim
  • “Toe Mohawk” Trim
  • Gentle Nail Trim (Pressure and Pain-Free)
  • Gentle Hand Nail File (Pressure and Pain-Free)
  • Paw Hair Brush out (it gets scruffy after holding the feet and positioning toes)
  • Paw hair shape up (top of the feet)
  • Nail Length, Dog Behavior Evaluation
  • Further Home Nail Care Suggestions if needed
  • Frequent Pee Breaks
  • Immediate pickup at the time of finished haircut

Gentle Grooming Equipment Only

  • quiet hand blow dryers
  • quiet clippers
  • No dematting rake use (a slicker brush will open up the hair so much more gentle. I do one by one shear trim for stubborn mats.)
  • No de-shedding rake use (a slicker brush, bath, blow-drying will remove all the undercoat gently.)
  • No electric Nail Grinders
  • Gentle Detangling/Dematting/Deshedding (slicker brush, comb, rounded tip shears)
  • Yes Rich Conditioner to help Brushing, Deshedding, Dematting at home
  • No Deshedding Shampoos, etc.)
  • Hand Blow Drying Only, No Cage Dryers at all
  • Natural, Chemical Free Shampoos, Conditioners
  • Natural and or Eco-Friendly Grooming and Cleaning Supplies


  • No Bows
  • No Bandanas
  • No Hair Dying
  • No Fake Nails
  • No Nail Painting
  • No Pony Tails
  • No 3D Haircuts (e.g. turtle shape cut in St. Poodle's hair. Google it!)
  • No Whitening or Darkening Shampoos
  • No Perfumes or Colognes
  • No leave in Shampoo or leave in Conditioner
  • No Dog Show Preparations

Optional Add-Ons

  • Customized Grooming Needs and Home Grooming Equipment Recommendation especially for your dog breed and hair type and hair length (Maintenance Between 2 groomings or Full Home Grooming Needs & Equipment)
  • Professional Grooming Details Form (in case you move and want to make it a smooth provider switch with the same hair style)
  • One on One "Dog Centered Grooming" Tutorial for Dog Owners, Breeders, Groomers, etc.
  • Custom Tutorial Link Packages to fix behavioral and or socialization problems