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"Don't poodle my doodle!"

A head-turning awesome trim is going to be the least your doodle will get at Betty's. Implementing dog training for handling doodles in safety and in comfort on either end of the grooming table, Betty grooms doodles without using grooming loops, muzzles, and restraints.
Your doodle will be as relaxed as you are on your spa day.

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One doodle at a time

The Wholesome Doodle Spa Experience

The Wholesome Doodle Spa experience starts with first-class customer service, smooth communication flow, and detailed intake forms.

Your first appointment begins with a meet-and-greet session to build trust among the doodle, the pawrents, and Betty. This is the time dedicated to talking in detail about the desired trim, current hair quality, and behavior, and Betty will answer any questions you may have. After talking about the time of the pickup and saying goodbye, your doodle and Betty goes to discover the doodle spa.

The haircut is carried out in a one-on-one setting in a low-distraction environment dedicated to high-energy level dogs to keep them safe and focused on grooming.

This unique mix of planning and care results in such a level of harmony, comfort, and cooperation that your doodle can get rejuvenated just as humans do on a spa day without grooming loops, goatee grabs, and restraint.

A Personal Letter From Betty

If you are looking for the same gentle care for your doodle that you get on your own spa day, I am ready to provide the outstanding grooming experience you and your doodle desire.

"Let it be grooming your doodle or helping you learn to do it yourself; I am excited to join you on your doodle grooming journey.

Shall your motivation for getting to know my work be your doodle's grooming going south by "poodled trims" or short shaves in the past, or you not having the heart to have your baby put up with general salon protocols like cages, goatee grabs, or the lack of connection between doodle-pawrent-groomer, I am here for you.

I specialized in doodles because I found meaning and joy in connecting with high-energy level breeds and with clients who are as particular and detailed about their doodle's needs as I am in my personal life about my family's.

When I see three desired trim images, five of the no-go styles, and half a page of the haircut details and care instructions my future clients want for their baby, I get very excited because I see the infinite caring doodles get in those homes. It gives me clarity and directions to get everyone's needs met. Yours, your doodle's and mine to fulfill others' needs and score doggy kisses on the ride.

Additionally, I am happy to help you find a way to have more fun and more effective brushing and combing experience at home between haircuts in person or via the Doodle Grooming Academy online.

I am excited to hear what you have to say, and I am hopeful we will meet soon in person or online!

Belly rubs to your doodle! :)


What Is Wholesome Grooming?

A custom spa day built around the needs and comfort of canine, client, and care provider.

Low distraction atmosphere combined with dog training

Adding Comfort to Safety & Style

Betty believes dog behavior changes proportionally by eliminating environmental distractions. Instead of adding tools of restraint to a high-distraction grooming environment, Betty eliminated the distractions.

She supplemented the relaxing atmosphere with her dog training skills to build connection and trust for handling and grooming. As a result, dogs tune in to her calm and compassionate person and cooperate willingly.

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Wet Or Dry, With A Smile!

Shaping the grooming industry's standards

Choosing Relaxation Over Restraint

Betty's furry clients comply with her requests to jump up or down when she asks for it; they stay, turn around, sit, and stand when it's time to work on a new body part. Trust is further strengthened by not making demands, so when a dog is overstimulated, the grooming stops, and they take a break to assess the situation and devise a plan.

If necessary, the grooming appointment gets split up, and Betty recommends training sessions to transform behavior. With this approach, dogs feel respected, and grooming is done promptly in harmony and comfort.

With this approach, there is no need to use grooming loops, muzzles, goatee grabs, and other uncomfortable or painful methods to keep dogs still. Dogs will collaborate willingly.

Wholesome doodle grooming

What Betty Offers

Finding a groomer who can do a haircut you like is hard. Finding a groomer that your doodle loves is even harder. Finding a groomer who can accomplish both for you might just have happened.

One-on-one Appointments

The core step of a low-distraction environment is having one dog in the room at a time. This will help the dog focus on the groomer, and the tasks and funny noises, treats, and butt and belly rubs will grab the dog's attention, keep the dog still, and concentrate on grooming.

Freely Moving Dog Handling

When there are no distractions and the dog is exercised, it is much easier to keep their attention on us, the care providers, and groom them off-leash/off-loop on the grooming table. Some prior training is necessary to introduce the table to the doodle and knowledge of "grooming table manners for dogs and humans" for the care provider to understand how their behavior influences the dog's and what makes them stay still or move along them.

Doodle-led Workflow

When a dog gets overstimulated, Betty either takes a break or starts working on a different body part to ease the dog's worry. When necessary, the grooming gets split up. At any time the dog shows sensitivity signs (early or late), it is discussed with the pawrent at the time of the pickup or mid-grooming over the phone when necessary, and a new plan gets created to suit the need for comfort and to finish the trim in a timely manner.

Doodle Coat-Friendly Tools

Betty uses tools that are gentle on the coat and skin and are effective on mats. She uses long-pinned, sparse slicker brushes (Big K from Chris Christensen - not the coral Big G!), long-pinned, metal, coarse combs, human hair-dryer for puppies and for the face area to dry, and high-velocity blow-dryer only when the coat requires it and the dog is used to it. Betty does not use dematting rakes or dremels.

Doodle Soul-Friendly Methods

When it comes to picking a method or a strategy, the dog's comfort is taken into account, along with safety and efficiency. Betty does not use goatee grabs or chin grabs; instead, she uses the power of low distraction atmosphere, training, exercise, and a more respectful method, like the "C hold" on the muzzle for performing haircuts on the head safely.

Pawrental Education

Teaching pawrents to exercise their doodle before the spa day, helping them overcome training difficulties when getting used to grooming tools, etc., will provide significant help to have a cooperative doodle on the grooming table and at home for hair maintenance as well.

Frequent Potty Breaks

Before and after potty breaks are implemented in the care plan. Potty breaks are arranged as needed for longer appointments and provided at least hourly.

Non-toxic Grooming Supplies

Betty uses the Earthbath brand to get the coat clean and smelling natural, to be shiny and get ease with brushing, and to keep the tangles away. Her preferred favorites are the Fragrance-free hypoallergenic shampoo and the Oatmeal-aloe conditioner. Earthbath products are animal cruelty-free and are free of soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates.

Warm Spa Towels

Let it be summer or wintertime; nothing beats the hug of a warm towel after a shower. If only we had someone to warm it up for us, right? Doggies appreciate the cozy transition in a warm towel from the tub to the ground. The "after-bath rolls, rubs, and shake-shakes" have a special vibe when they are carried out on "warm clouds."

New Exam Gloves
For Each Ear

Betty removes ear hair with her fingers (no hemostats), and she uses new exam gloves on each ear to keep the ears safe and prevent bad bacteria from being transferred from one ear to the other and from one doggy to the other. (Using gloves for ear care might sound self-evident, but unfortunately, oftentimes, it is not the protocol salons advocate for or follow.)

Nail Trimming
And Filing

Betty files doggy nails right after trimming to make them rounded and smooth. That way, we can avoid scratches on dogs and humans alike. Betty uses a dog nail file (she does not use nail grinders) to provide the most comfort for the dog and to give zero chance of tearing out the coat with the fast-working drum of a nail grinder machine.

Anal Gland

Betty checks the anal glands, and when something is going on, she will tell the details, and you all together come up with a plan. Full anal glands are a symptom of an underlying cause. Just expressing the gland won't fix the root cause. Routine anal gland expressions do more harm than good, so Betty does checkups only and discussions for plans in case there are signs of issues with the anal sacs.

What Betty Excludes

To help doodles enjoy grooming, excluding the unnecessary and stressful is just as important as voting for comfortable grooming tools and methods.

No Cages,
No Cage Dryers

Cages are very confined spaces that Betty finds heartbreaking, especially for high-energy level dogs. She does not have any cages. Betty finds cage dryers straight-up cruel and endangering to dog lives. It is very hard to breathe in a setting like this; she tried it herself how it feels. Because of her unpleasant experience and since there are no cages, there won't be any cage drying at Betty's either.

Goatee Grabs

If kids can get a haircut without pulling their ears to keep them still, so can dogs get a haircut without pulling on the hair on their chin or cheeks! Betty uses the power of training, exercise, a low-key atmosphere, and gentle methods like the C-hold to keep dogs safe and still for grooming.

Grooming Loops

When the groomer-doodle relationship is built on trust, the dog is trained and exercised. The environment is focused on eliminating distractions; grooming loops are only in the way of harmony.

No Hair Dying,
No Nail Painting

It is incredibly hard to find products without harsh chemicals in them. Hair dyes are no exception. Betty does not see the benefit of hair dying or nail painting from the dog's perspective, plus she has yet to come across a product she finds safe without chemicals or vague language in the descriptions. Based on these, Betty does not offer hair-dying or nail painting services and passionately advocates for removing the products from the market.

No Soft Claw,
Nail Caps

Soft claws promise scratch-free furniture, yet they forget to advertise how it adversely impacts the dog's ability to wear off his/her nails. The quick will grow down with the nail way faster with the caps on, generating serious and constant discomfort for the dogs due to too long nails. There are other ways to rounded nails and keep furniture, corneas, and thighs safe from scratches. Betty does not offer soft claw services and passionately advocates for removing the product from the market.


ToeGrips get stuck by the thicker base of the nail when the dog walks on soft surfaces, and it keeps constant pressure on the toenail, preventing natural blood flow. Betty does not offer ToeGrip services and passionately advocates for removing the product from the market.

No Hair Whitening or Darkening Products

Based on the aforementioned safety issues with products, especially applicable to whitening and darkening shampoos, Betty does not offer using darkening or whitening products.

Designer Haircuts

A dog's coat is for protection from the elements and for blending in with Mother Nature. A spa day's purpose is to care for that coat in a way that respect's the coat's purpose and keeps the dog comfortable for the spa day without adding purposeless tasks from the dog's perspective. Out of respect for the above, Betty does not offer designer haircuts.

No Perfumes,
No Colognes

Dog noses are incredibly sensitive to smells. Perfumes and colognes are unpleasant from the dog's perspective since they overstimulate one of their most valued senses. When a dog is healthy, they have a natural dog scent that Betty embraces and would like to inspire others to do so as well. Perfumes and colognes encourage dogs to roll in Mother Nature's camouflage as another reason to avoid them. Betty does not use perfumes or colognes; she makes dogs smell great after a spa day without them.


Bows create mats in the hair and oftentimes constant discomfort for the wearer due to the rubber band pulling on the hair and, as a result, on the skin. Betty does not offer bow services in her practice.

Teeth Cleaning

When it comes to teeth cleaning, doing it once will not do the trick. If you are looking for deep teeth cleaning, it needs to be done by a trained professional. Betty is offering neither general teeth cleaning nor deep teeth cleaning services.

No Dematting of
Tight Mats Close to The Skin

Betty will give you a mat assessment in the form of a Doodle Mat Map. Betty will visually show you on paper drawing your doodle's coat quality after checking it. In case there brushable, they will be brushed out. If there are smaller bunches of tight mats close to the skin, they will be cut out and blended in, most likely not visible. In case there are enough tight patches of mats close to the skin that would alter the desired haircut, you will discuss ways to resolve it comfortably. If a short shave is needed, you will be notified about it before leaving your doodle with Betty, so you can get a second opinion. If you choose to go with the shortcut at Betty's, you will receive images and videos as proof of the assessment, so you will see this was the only humane option. You will also receive coat care handouts, so you will never need to see your doodle naked again!

Sneak peek at off-leash grooming

Harmony And Cooperation

Doodles love rocking a fresh haircut. They are even happier if it was fun getting it throughout the spa day.

Before and after images

Big Doodle Makeovers

Betty does everything she can to save the coat for a longer desired trim when mats happen.
If the mats are brushable, Betty will take the time to do her magic to keep as much coat as possible.
With her brushing and dematting methods, the dog's comfort is kept as the highest priority and will not be compromised for looks, while all efforts will be made to keep a fluffy style.

Comfy Transformations


What Other Pawrents Have To Say

"Can't say enough good things about Betty. Her service got me to finally write my first ever yelp review. Her setup is perfect. Separate area of her house, quiet, comfortable for my pup. My dog is very attached to me and usually does not let me leave her with strangers or outside of our house (She can't be kenneled). She had no problems staying with Betty and was not stressed at all. Haircut was perfect and exactly what I wanted. A little bit more expensive than quoted, but I know it was an estimate and it was within $10. Betty even gave us pointers on how to keep my pup groomed at home when we don't bring her in. Way above an beyond what she had to do. Amazing. Would definitely recommend to friends and family, and will bring my baby back when I can't keep her hair neat on my own."
- Joey J. from Orlando, FL

"I moved here from Chicago and thus lost my groomer. I didn't know where to begin as I hate big box stores. I searched and found Betty and she's my official groomer. When we first arrived, the three dogs were high energy and nervous. She sat on the floor to ask me a few questions about the type of cut I wanted and contact information. While on the floor with her calm energy, my three also calmed down to her level. They were excited and confident instead of nervous and scared. She took about 1.5 hours on each dog and it was time to pick them up. They were excited to see me and yet also excited to show me their new haircuts. They danced all around! I've never had my dogs so calm for a groom at pickup or drop off. They all smell great. We see eye to eye on how to groom them and expectations. She set my expectations at the drop off, so there weren't any surprises. Best grooming experience. Just loved her!"
- Kathleen I. from Chicago, IL

"If I could have Betty groom ME I would do it. What a soothing voice and disposition. When I went to pick Hoppy and Elbie up they were excited to see me but when we sat down to discuss their grooming and how it went etc. they both went straight to Betty. Hahaha! That's a great sign! It was a bit of a drive for us but we will keep driving to get groomed by Betty. They loved her and that's all I care about."
-Julia H. from Austin, TX

"It would be hard to imagine taking my dogs to a better groomer. I actually get text message and picture updates throughout their short sessions with Betty. I also often reach out to Betty regarding my dogs health, because I trust her judgment that much. I appreciate that she does not crate my dogs, and in fact my dogs don't look back at me when I drop them off because they have so much fun with her! I feel confident saying you won't get this treatment anywhere else and especially at her low prices! We love the Groomer Chick!"
- Dawn M. from Austin, TX

"I am so glad that I found out about Betty here on yelp. I had been going to a really good groomer but they started changing their staff too much and their quality was being affected. It was great meeting Betty. She is so sweet and asked plenty of questions about my two dogs and they were very comfortable around her. During our meeting she paid close attention to me, my son and two dogs. When I returned to pick them up, they looked super cute and she gave a report on their behavior. I highly recommend Betty. Great customer service and great with the doggies!"
- Lydia H. from Round Rock, TX

"I moved here from Chicago and thus lost my groomer. I didn't know where to begin as I hate big box stores. I searched and found Betty and she's my official groomer. When we first arrived, the three dogs were high energy and nervous. She sat on the floor to ask me a few questions about the type of cut I wanted and contact information. While on the floor with her calm energy, my three also calmed down to her level. They were excited and confident instead of nervous and scared. She took about 1.5 hours on each dog and it was time to pick them up. They were excited to see me and yet also excited to show me their new haircuts. They danced all around! I've never had my dogs so calm for a groom at pickup or drop off. They all smell great. We see eye to eye on how to groom them and expectations. She set my expectations at the drop off, so there weren't any surprises. Best grooming experience. Just loved her!"
- Kathleen I. from Chicago, IL

"I love Betty!! She is so great to work with and I know that my puppy is treated great! My puppy always has great hair cuts. She takes detailed notes and cuts it exactly how I ask her to. Her prices are extremely reasonable but even if they weren't, I would pay whatever I had to get him in to see Betty. Communication is always easy as well."
-Whitley P. from Austin, TX

"There's a reason she has such great ratings! I took my handsome little nugget to Betty today and she did an amazing job. Her house was very easy to get to, she was very knowledgeable and friendly, her rates are competitive, and the results are great. My dog came back happy, and looking like a different dog. My pup might not break my vacuum cleaner after all! Thanks, Betty!"
-Andrea E. from Austin, TX

"Betty was fantastic! Upon arrival, she took the first 20 minutes of our session to let Lily sniff around and get acquainted with her and her studio. Betty immediately put me at ease. I instantly knew Lily was in good hands. The work was nothing short of amazing! Lily looked and felt fantastic when I picked her up. We will definitely be back!!"
-Ashley A. from Austin, TX

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