How much is it going to cost me to get my DOODLE groomed?

For a precise estimate, please email the new client intake form along with recent images about your doodle and images about the desired trim to my booking assistant. And she'll get back to you with an estimate.

Where are you located?

I'm in NW Austin, by W Parmer Ln & MoPac. Map to me

Do you groom first timer doggies/puppies?

YES. :)) I LOVE first timers and puppies!! That's the best since I can use my own methods to get the doggy used to grooming what I find really joyful and effective not just at the beginning, but later on as well. :)

Do you do Nail Trimming?

Yes, I do. And it always comes with nail filing to make sure there won't be sharp edges scratching skin while the doggy is scratching himself or whenever he's begging for belly rubs on your thighs. :)

Do you groom dogs who had bad experiences in the past like they bite for nail trimming?

Yes. I'll do my best to be able to succeed with doggies who had bad experiences. (95+% success rate at the first time.) I'm not a magician, but I have lots of tricks in my toolbox to make dogs comfortable. I have the solution for the 5%, too when the doggy won't let me do his nails. I will teach the doggy owner how can they practice daily at home with their dogs so the doggy will experience lots of joyful and painless pedicure time so they won't be anxious about it later on. Practicing at home with someone who they already trust is a key point here.
I'm really picky with nail trimming and filing. Most of the time doggies react because they got hurt in the past and they are trying hard to avoid that happening again. Or they are simply uncomfortable in a position. Like an elderly doggy who has hip problems would probably bite because of pain if I tried to lift a leg up to make him balance on three weak legs. Any information about nail care is really limited out there, especially high-quality and usable info. Professional grooming books and videos talk about it on half or quarter page, images included.
I am that passionate about nails, that I'm working on a book about it to fill the need how to trim nails the safe and comfortable way.

Do you work on the weekends at all?

No, I don't work on the weekends. My own pack needs me and my hands need some rest time as well. Business hours

Do I have to pick up my dog by the time She'll be done?

Yes. For smooth running of the business, that is a requirement. I I work with one household's dog(s) at a time and I don't use cages and I don't do boarding.

Do you do Teeth Cleaning?

No, I don't. But happy to forward you an article about teeth cleaning, which I really like and I highly recommend to check out. It is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent dental problems.

Do you do Anal Gland Expression?

Glad you asked! I like prevention and let Mother Nature do her job, meanwhile, sharing info about my perspective with the doggy owners about this juicy topic. :)) Anal Gland Expression should NOT be a routine procedure. This is my favorite Article about Anal Glands.

Can I bring my dog's own shampoos and conditioner?

Absolutely. I'm happy to use your products and I'll give you a discount for not using my stuff. Most of my clients use special shampoo only when their doggy is experiencing skin problems, but I have few clients who order their shampoo & conditioner from Italy and I use only that on their pups.

Do you use Perfumes or Colognes?

Nope. That's a strict no-no from the dog's health and well-being perspective.

Do you do Bandanas, Nail Paintings, Ponytails or Artificial Soft Nail Claws?

Those are other no-go categories, I don't do any of those either for the same reason.

Do you use Cages?

I don't have, neither use any at all. (Unless you want to bring yours for your doggy as his "comfort zone" for warming up and use in breaks.) You'll see the whole room where I groom and since I work with one household's doggies at a time only, I don't need them. Neither doggies. :) ;-)

If you did not get answer to your question, please check out the Dog Grooming page. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Adel, my booking assistant!

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