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Dogs certainly feel the difference when they are freshly groomed and they are more comfortable and more cuddly. Betty offers a wide variety of services to satisfy all kinds of canine needs. She has experience with puppies, adults, elderly dogs, tiny-tiny (less than 5 lbs) and gigantic, over 130 lbs canines, doggies with sensitivity or disability.

She is famous for nut muzzling dogs, but to work with them and with their owner to figure out the dog's triggers, comfort zones and find solutions to desensitize them rather than muzzling and proceed. Dogs realize her good intentions surprisingly soon and adjust easily, letting her do most of the grooming steps at once most of the time.

Dog Grooming

Furry family members get Gentle, Natural grooming experience with Betty, with hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, dog friendly equipment, natural, organic and eco-friendly supplies, drizzled with lots of treats and butt rubs.

"I offer full spectrum of dog grooming, included bath, hand-blowdrying, nail trimming and filing, sanitary trim, bath, ear cleaning and more."

Dog Training

Puppies and beginner adolescents or adult doggies enjoy a fun kickstart for a terrific grooming experience, by gently introducing grooming equipment to them, step by step. Betty uses her dog training skills to keep dogs comfortable.

"Working on beginners is a lot of fun for me, I enjoy it a lot. It is a pleasure to use my tricks to keep canines comfortable."


For doggies, who had a rough start and or no experience with grooming before, training and desensitization are the gentle ways to earn their trust back. Finding the dog's triggers and working on them will soon result in a comfortable canine.

"I especially enjoy working with doggies who need training and/or desensitization, because meanwhile I am makeing a dog's day, they help me grow as a dog trainer and they sharpen my creativity."

Jean M. – Austin, TX

"Wow! My dog and I won the lottery when we found Betty! She is the BEST of the BEST!. I've hated taking my dog to get groomed...he was always just a dog to get done. Betty treated him with the most gentle and loving manner. He was NEVER anxious with her. Her rates are amazing! (I tipped her handsomely.) My dog got a TERRIFIC trim...with no anxiety or angst! I LOVE BETTY!"

Tom B. – Leander, TX

"Betty treated my dog like she was some kind of doggy royalty. My dog appeared to thoroughly enjoy her visit and looked great afterwards. On the ride home, she was very calm like she had just come back from some sort of doggy yoga or spa experience. We'll be back again."

Ericka W. – Austin, TX

"She is fabulous! She truly loves working with the animals, and does a wonderful job. She definitely goes above and beyond."

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