Doodle Grooming Specialist in North Austin

doodle spa packages


What's included?

Bath, towel or hand blow-drying, nails, eye area trim, paw hair and private area trim.


What's included?

Little bit of a brush out, Bath, towel or hand blow-drying, nails, face, feet, fanny trim, minor evening up.


What's included?

Little bit of a brush out, Bath, towel or hand blow-drying, nails, face, feet, fanny trim, full body trim.

Face, Feet, Fanny

What's included?

Eye area trim (inner corners of the eyes), paw hair by the paw pads and between the toes, sanitary trim for eliminating smells.


What's included?

No time for brushing your doodle at home? No problem! The brush out only is a great way for a fresh start and avoiding the "nakedoodle" trim down the road.

Custom Package

What's included?

You pick the grooming steps, what is included and excluded.

The Groomer Chick Experience

  • Betty grooms her clients from start to finish
  • 100% Cage and Cage Dryer Free Environment
  • Positive Reinforcement with your dog’s favorite treats and toys
  • Doodle Centered, Relaxing, Familiar Environment: Only one household’s pets / booked appointment (up to 3 doggies at a time) so no other dogs will be around but yours and Betty's.
  • Only one dog in the spotlight at a time. Comfortable resting/napping spot in the grooming room for the rest of the pack members from the same household.
  • Pee/Poop Breaks are included (Start, Finish and hourly in between) direct access to a fenced yard right from the grooming shop.
  • Fresh (hairless) Drinking Water Access at all times (changed after each appointment).
  • All of Betty's doodle clients get custom pampering, tailored to their unique needs.

Betty has experience with...

  • All Canine hair Types & Hair Length
  • Puppy, Adult, Elderly dogs
  • Beginners, Sensitive or Reactive dogs with previous bad or no grooming experience
  • Dogs with amputated leg, docked tail, cropped ears or paralyzed dogs (they need special attention, due to more sensitivity around specific areas)
  • Visually and/or Hearing Impaired dogs

Betty's Gentle Grooming Techniques

  • No “Chin Lock” Holding for grooming or positioning the head (“Chin Lock” = Grabbing hair under the chin to keep the dog still or rotate the head) I rather hold the muzzle gently with 2 fingers only (1 on top & 1 on bottom) and provide a low distraction environment to prevent wiggle.
  • The Canine client is moving Free on the table by default throughout the grooming with Betty’s 100% focus on him/her at all times.
  • No Grooming Loops (but in the tub for beginner doggies, due to safety reasons)
  • No muzzles
  • No harnesses, or any sort of physical tightening to the table
  • Exceptional Grooming on the Floor for Elderly dogs / Puppies / Beginners if necessary.
  • No phone calls answered while Betty is grooming due to safety reasons.

Dog Centered Grooming Workflow

  • No Routine Anal Gland Expressions, but yes routine anal gland Checkups.
  • No Routine Ear Flushing. (Do not fix what is not broken! Supporting healthy ear flora by letting it be.)
  • Betty uses ceramic clipper blades (they take longer to overheat and leave a lot more even haircut on the coat)
  • Betty carefully and frequently checks the clipper blade temperature on herself (pressing the blade to her wrist for 5 seconds and changes the blades when necessary to avoid clipper burns on the dogs)
  • Full Body Brush out, Deshedding, Dematting Before the Bath (No high-velocity blow dryer use on the highest setting to open up matted hair, because that is not comfortable for the dog.)
  • Gentle Nail Care timed after the bath (unless they are extra long and bothering the dog)
  • Nail Length Evaluation
  • Dog Behaviour Evaluation
  • Paw Rinse and nail scrub if necessary (muddy toenails)
  • Paw pad Hair Trim
  • “Paw Pad Boomerang” Trim
  • “Toe Mohawk” Trim
  • Gentle Nail Trim (Pressure and Pain-Free)
  • Gentle Hand Nail File (Pressure and Pain-Free)
  • Paw Hair Brush out (it gets scruffy after holding the feet and positioning toes)
  • Paw hair shape up (top of the feet)
  • Nail Length, Dog Behavior Evaluation
  • Further Home Nail Care Suggestions if needed
  • Frequent (hourly or as needed) Pee Breaks
  • Immediate pickup at the time of finished haircut


Gentle Grooming Equipment Only


  • quiet hand blow-dryers
  • quiet clippers
  • No demating rake use (a slicker brush will open up the hair so much more gentle. I do one by one shear trim for stubborn mats.)
  • No de-shedding rake use (a slicker brush, bath, blow-drying will remove all the undercoat gently.)
  • No electric Nail Grinders
  • Gentle Detangling/Demating/Desheding (slicker brush, comb, rounded tip shears)
  • Yes Rich Conditioner to help Brushing, Deshedding, Dematting at home
  • No Deshedding Shampoos, etc.)
  • Hand Blow Drying Only, No Cage Dryers at all
  • Natural, Chemical Free Shampoos, Conditioners
  • Natural and or Eco-Friendly Grooming and Cleaning Supplies

excluded from the doodle spa day

  • Hair Dying
  • Soft Claws
  • Toe Grips
  • Nail Polishing
  • Pony Tails
  • 3D Haircuts (e.g. turtle shape cut in St. Poodle's hair. Google it!)
  • Whitening or Darkening Shampoos
  • Perfumes or Colognes
  • Leave-in Shampoo or leave in Conditioner
  • Dog Show Preparations
  • Bows
  • Bandanas


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