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A Personal Letter from Betty

Many doodle moms know the feeling – you enter the grooming salon with a specific desired hair style in your mind for your baby. You collected images, you are prepared. But no-one looks at your carefully collected photos and you never get to speak with the groomer him/herself, just the front desk assistant. They might agree to give you the trim you asked for, but most often you are shocked and beyond disappointed to see your baby in a poodle style or a short shave at the pickup time usually without any explanation.

I’m here to tell you that poodling your doodle does NOT have to be your new normal and that you are not alone at all with what you’re experiencing. You and your doodle are going to be in the spotlight for your appointment with me and I will listen to everything you have to say about the details you like and you don't. I'll take the time to understand your and your doodle's needs. I will do my best to accomplish the desired look for your doodle in a joyful way throughout your baby's spa day with me. I am excited to hear what you have to say and I am hopeful we will meet soon!

Betty and Moose (@mooseslittleworld)

Grooming Packages


Henley (@lifeofhenleygray)

What's included?

Bath, towel or hand blow-drying and nails, eye area trim, paw hair, private area trim, ear hair care.  Brush out is add on if needed.

Sign me up!



What's included?

Little bit of a brush out, Bath, towel or hand blow-drying, nails, face, feet, fanny trim, minor evening up.

I want this!

Full Haircut


What's included?

Little bit of a brush out, Bath, towel or hand blow-drying, nails, face, feet, fanny trim, full body trim.

Yes, please!

Face, Feet, Fanny

Bear (@thefabmrbear)

What's included?

Eye area trim, paw hair by the paw pads, between the toes,  nail trimming and filing, sanitary trim for eliminating smells and ear hair care.

My dood NEEDS TO SEE this!

Brush Out Only

Henley (@lifeofhenleygray)

What's included?

No time for brushing your doodle at home? No problem! The brush out only is a great way for a fresh start and avoiding the "nakedoodle" trim down the road.

I want a fresh start in brushing!

Custom Package

Moose (@mooseslittleworld)

What's included?

You pick the grooming steps, what is included and excluded. Custom haircut? You got it! Have a few questions? You'll get the answers!

 Gimme the custom works, woof!

"Can't say enough good things about Betty. Her service got me to finally write my first ever yelp review. Her setup is perfect. Separate area of her house, quiet, comfortable for my pup. My dog is very attached to me and usually does not let me leave her with strangers or outside of our house (She can't be kenneled). She had no problems staying with Betty and was not stressed at all. Haircut was perfect and exactly what I wanted. A little bit more expensive than quoted, but I know it was an estimate and it was within $10. Betty even gave us pointers on how to keep my pup groomed at home when we don't bring her in. Way above an beyond what she had to do. Amazing. Would definitely recommend to friends and family, and will bring my baby back when I can't keep her hair neat on my own."
- Joey J. from Orlando, FL

The Doodle Groomer Chick Experience

Betty and Moose (@mooseslittleworld)

Comfort Equals Cooperation

Working with, not doing to

One doodle, one groomer,
100% cage free spa day,
hourly potty & play breaks.

"If I could have Betty groom ME I would do it. What a soothing voice and disposition. When I went to pick Hoppy and Elbie up they were excited to see me but when we sat down to discuss their grooming and how it went etc. they both went straight to Betty. Hahaha! That's a great sign! It was a bit of a drive for us but we will keep driving to get groomed by Betty. They loved her and that's all I care about."
-Julia H. from Austin, TX

Big or Small, Young or Tall

Bring Them Doodles All

Puppies, adults, elderly doodles, beginners,
sensitive or reactive dogs,
 previous bad or no
grooming experience, doodles with disabilities are all welcome.

Get to know the Doodle Groomer Chick!

"It would be hard to imagine taking my dogs to a better groomer. I actually get text message and picture updates throughout their short sessions with Betty. I also often reach out to Betty regarding my dogs health, because I trust her judgment that much. I appreciate that she does not crate my dogs, and in fact my dogs don't look back at me when I drop them off because they have so much fun with her! I feel confident saying you won't get this treatment anywhere else and especially at her low prices! We love the Groomer Chick!"
- Dawn M. from Austin, TX

Doodle Centered Grooming Workflow

only the deeds that your dood needs

Discussion about your doodle's feelings and needs,
custom haircuts, gentle brush out, gentle grooming equipment,
evaluation rather than routine add ons,
gentle nail trimming, no BS.

Let's save my doodle's SPAw!

"I am so glad that I found out about Betty here on yelp. I had been going to a really good groomer but they started changing their staff too much and their quality was being affected. It was great meeting Betty. She is so sweet and asked plenty of questions about my two dogs and they were very comfortable around her. During our meeting she paid close attention to me, my son and two dogs. When I returned to pick them up, they looked super cute and she gave a report on their behavior. I highly recommend Betty. Great customer service and great with the doggies!"
- Lydia H. from Round Rock, TX

Betty and Moose (@mooseslittleworld)

Deluxe Doodle Relax

Just like on your own spa day!

One doodle in the spotlight,
freely moving on the grooming table (no grooming loops),
muzzle free pampering,
lots of hugs and kisses exchanged.

"I moved here from Chicago and thus lost my groomer. I didn't know where to begin as I hate big box stores. I searched and found Betty and she's my official groomer. When we first arrived, the three dogs were high energy and nervous. She sat on the floor to ask me a few questions about the type of cut I wanted and contact information. While on the floor with her calm energy, my three also calmed down to her level. They were excited and confident instead of nervous and scared. She took about 1.5 hours on each dog and it was time to pick them up. They were excited to see me and yet also excited to show me their new haircuts. They danced all around! I've never had my dogs so calm for a groom at pickup or drop off. They all smell great. We see eye to eye on how to groom them and expectations. She set my expectations at the drop off, so there weren't any surprises. Best grooming experience. Just loved her!"
- Kathleen I. from Chicago, IL

Gentle Grooming Equipment Only

Tenderness and Compassion

Quiet blow-dryers, gentle demating technique,
clippers, pain free nail trimming,
hand nail filing, no cage dryers at all,
hemical free shampoos, conditioners,
organic, n
atural and or eco-friendly grooming and
cleaning supplies.

Betty and Moose (@mooseslittleworld)

"I love Betty!! She is so great to work with and I know that my puppy is treated great! My puppy always has great hair cuts. She takes detailed notes and cuts it exactly how I ask her to. Her prices are extremely reasonable but even if they weren't, I would pay whatever I had to get him in to see Betty. Communication is always easy as well."
-Whitley P. from Austin, TX

Excluded For Doodle's Sake

What's not loved, stays out.

Soft claws, toe grips, nail polishing,
hair dying, pony tails, perfumes, colognes,
hitening or darkening shampoos,
leave-in shampoo and conditioners, bows.

"There's a reason she has such great ratings! I took my handsome little nugget to Betty today and she did an amazing job. Her house was very easy to get to, she was very knowledgeable and friendly, her rates are competitive, and the results are great. My dog came back happy, and looking like a different dog. My pup might not break my vacuum cleaner after all! Thanks, Betty!"
-Andrea E. from Austin, TX

"Betty was fantastic! Upon arrival, she took the first 20 minutes of our session to let Lily sniff around and get acquainted with her and her studio. Betty immediately put me at ease. I instantly knew Lily was in good hands. The work was nothing short of amazing! Lily looked and felt fantastic when I picked her up. We will definitely be back!!"
-Ashley A. from Austin, TX