Pricing is as unique and individual as your dog and there are many variables in pet grooming, therefore there is no set “pricing” for fine grooming.

I set individual prices for each pet. I calculate the price based on 3 major parts:

  • the time required to complete the chosen grooming service (Labor)
  • Supply Fee (shampoo, conditioner, water, electricity, etc.)
  • TAX

At the time of the first appointment with me, Betty dedicates 15 minutes to talk about the dog's previous grooming experiences, behavior, position preferences, health, hair style, Q&A. That is added to the time of labor.


Labor means the time it takes to get your dog groomed as you requested.
Dematting is included in the price in the Advanced and Full packages up to 15 minutes. Beyond that, demating/detangling are a separate charge $50/hr. In case a doggy is badly matted, we'll discuss the options BEFORE Betty would do anything. You can get a second opinion if you prefer to, Betty won't shave your doggy short as a "surprise".

Supply Fee

The Supply Fee (for shampoo, water, electricity, etc.) is not included below. It is custom for each dog, $5.00 or $7.00 or $10.00 / doggy, depending on the dog's size and hair length. 

Factors, which determine the needed amount of time (=price of service):

  • Length & Quantity of Hair
  • Degree of matting
  • Disposition of the animal (How easy it is to handle the dog? first timer, beginner, used to it, piece of cake :)
  • Difficulty of the cut (same length all over or poodle face, poodle feet, top knot or mohawks, etc.)
  • Amount of scissor work / Clipper cut
  • Size of pet
  • Dog's age (puppies and elderly doggies need a bit more time)
  • etc.

I’m happy to give you a custom estimate especially for your doggy.

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