Meet Betty

Hi, my name is Betty Peto. I am the owner of Wholesome Doodle Spa, founder of Doodle Grooming Academy, the Compassionate Dog Grooming Initiative, and the author of Nail it! A step-by-step guide to joyful dog nail trimming book.

I have been a professional dog groomer since 2010, with over twelve years of dog training experience. I saw the benefits of a low-distraction environment combined with dog training early on in my career. That helped me provide just as a relaxing spa environment for dogs as there is for humans out there.

It enabled me to leave behind grooming loops, muzzles, and other restraints while keeping dogs safe and comfortable enough to work with them in collaboration instead of "doing stuff to them."

Kids are not restrained for haircuts; why should dogs be, right? They are our kids, too.

I specialized in doodles because I am in love with high-energy level dogs and saw the doodle pawrents' need for help with hair maintenance, tools, dog handling, and doodle-specified, custom hairstyles for their babies. I've heard "Don't poodle my doodle!" at first timer drop offs so many times as the pawrents' desperate cry for help; it imprinted on my soul and made me rethink the possibilities I can provide for pawrents and their doodles.

I came across more and more questions and passionate doodle pawrents who wanted to learn significantly more about doodle hair care and haircuts than I could provide at the meet and greet talks, drop-offs, pickups, on online forums, and in online groups. That gentle but persistent push made the Doodle Grooming Academy slowly unfold.

My specialties are nail trimming, gentle detangling and dematting, and behavior modification compassionately.

I am the mom of many furry babies. My husband and I live with Picur (Maltipoo), Toki (Malinois), and three kitty cats, Mr. Chips, Pupak, and Cuki, who are frequent visitors at the spa if my furry clients are up for company.

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