Meet Betty

Welcome to my world of canine care and creativity

I'm the passionate mind behind Wholesome Doodle Spa, the innovator of Doodle Grooming Academy, and the writer behind "Nail it! - A Step-by-step Guide to Wholesome Dog Nail Trimming." My journey in professional dog grooming began in 2010, and since then, I've also honed my skills in dog training for over a decade.

My experiences revealed the transformative power of a calm, distraction-free grooming space, in stark contrast to the chaos often found in larger grooming chains. This realization inspired me to create a serene spa experience tailored for doodles, mirroring the tranquility we seek in our own spa days.

In my practice, I prioritize a collaboration-based approach, moving away from traditional restraints like grooming loops and muzzles. This philosophy extends from a simple belief: if we don't restrain children for haircuts, why should we do so with our furry children? This mindset led me to specialize in grooming doodles, driven by my love for high-energy dogs and a desire to address the unique grooming challenges faced by doodle owners. The frequent pleas of "Don't poodle my doodle!" from first-time clients resonated deeply with me, pushing me to explore new grooming avenues for these special pets.

My encounter with inquisitive doodle owners, eager for extensive knowledge on doodle hair care beyond what could be shared during brief meet-and-greets or online interactions, was the catalyst for establishing the Doodle Grooming Academy. Here, I delve into compassionate behavior modification, gentle detangling, dematting, and, notably, nail trimming. The latter, often underrated, is a skill with a surprising lack of widespread knowledge, which led me to pen an entire book on the subject.

Outside of work, I love hiking with the woofers, reading or listening to books, spa days for myself, and just enjoying nature while knitting or crocheting.

Team Tiny

I'm a pet pawrent alongside my husband, Levi. Our family includes Picur [pi-tsur], our Maltipoo; Dinka, a unique Rat Terrier-Chihuahua-Poodle mix; and our three cats, Cuki [tsu-ki], Mr. Chips, and Pupak, who often grace the spa with their presence, adding to the homely and welcoming atmosphere for our furry clientele. Doing fun runs and giving and receiving ear and butt sniffs to/from my furry clients. My clients not only get a pretty trim but also go home with fun adventures to tell and look forward to the next time around.




Mr. Chips


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