Preparing The Coat For Dry Cuts

Cleaning and preparing the coat for Face, Feet, Fanny trims, and Full-body dry cut appointments

DOs and DON'Ts

DO the prep work preferably the day of, but no earlier than the day before the dry cut appointment!
* Use preferably these products: Earthbath Hypoallergenic shampoo; Earthbath Oatmeal and aloe conditioner
KEEP the coat dirt-free until the grooming appointment! Avoid dirt roads, wet grass, sticky food, like peanut butter, pumpkin puree, rain, etc. after the bath and before the spa day!
The coat has to be completely dry by the time of arrival to the spa day.
DO NOT BATHE your doodle if/when mats are present! Contact Betty if mats are present! The mats will become even tighter if bathed without loosening them up, resulting in holes in the coat or a short shave. Get a dematting appointment if needed!
DO NOT USE DETANGLERS, like Cowboy magic, anything that makes the coat too silky for a haircut!
* The highest quality the prep work, the most even and beautiful the trim will be. Bring your A-game!

Why These Requests? 

For a dry cut, let it be a Face, Feet, Fanny trim only or a Full-body trim; the coat needs to be spotlessly clean, fluffy, tangle, and mat-free.

The reason for this request is the hairstyling shears Betty uses are super sensitive to dirt and mats -they get dull in a few snips in those circumstances- and they run around $200-300 a pair. In case the coat is dirty, Betty will use the pre-haircut shears only -not the expensive shears- for the trim. Depending on your doodle’s hair type, the dirt “resistant” cheaper tool might leave the hair less blended in. The coat will be holy in case of mats possibly needing to be cut out and will not be blended in with the sensitive haircut shears. (Blending happens with the sensitive-expensive shears.)


No prep work is needed when a full-body short shave is provided (1/4" or shorter) without a bath due to mats, or the short style being the desired trim. The super-short clipper blades (1/4" or shorter) Betty will use are less sensitive to mats (do not get dull that fast) and are significantly cheaper to replace ($25-$30) comparing to the sensitive haircut shears.

Coat Care Workflow at Home

Must be performed the day of, but no earlier than the day before the grooming appointment

1. Brushing - loosening up the coat
2. Combing - searching for mats (If there are any, use the slicker brush to loosen them up.)
3. Loosening mats - Brushing out mats if there are any

The coat is considered tangle and mat-free when the comb glides through the coat (tip of the pins kept by the skin at all times, no hovering!) without getting stuck in the coat anywhere on the dog’s body.

Check the Doodle Mat Map for frequently missed spots, like behind the ears, chin, etc.!

4. Bath
Shampoo (Earthbath Hypoallergenic shampoo is Betty’s favorite)
Conditioner (Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe conditioner is Betty’s favorite)
Rinse - very detailed Shut off the water and check the coat for any slippery surfaces. Rinse again if you find some!
Water squishing - Gently squish the water out of your doodle's coat all over your doodle's body
Towel drying - dedicate time for the doodle shake-shakes and after bath rolls :)
5. Drying
Air drying (for puppies, dogs with dryer sensitivity)
Blow-drying (for thick/curly coats)

What if the Coat Quality is Less Than the Desired Quality?

A dirty, matted coat can significantly alter the desired trim or compromise the services that can be provided. The client is responsible for 100% of the price for the time scheduled even if the services provided will take less time than scheduled. In case extra services need to be added, the grooming might need to be split to avoid delay in the schedule.

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