Safety protocol

Betty takes all precautions per CDC guidelines to protect others and herself. She is considered high risk, so she has a strong need to follow guidelines and know that others around her will do the same thing.

Before your appointment

Please perform a wellness assessment on yourself at the time of booking the appointment and the day of the appointment. In case you are experiencing any COVID-19 suspicious symptoms, please disclose and reschedule the appointment.

When you arrive

* Please text Betty to let her know you have arrived.

* Please wear a mask (over mouth and nose) at all times.

* Please keep social distancing (at least 6 ft) while talking with Betty about the desired trim. This is a great time to have your doodle sniff and leave doggy business cards on the grass, bushes, tree trunks, mailbox post, etc.

* Betty will greet you and your dog and she will take the doodle end of the leash while you still hold the loop and she'll tell you when she got a good grip and you can let go of the leash safely so no doggies will get loose.

* The Meet & Greets, doggy drop-offs, doggy pickups are arranged in the front yard in the fresh air with social distancing. Only doggies are allowed in the spa.

In-spa cleaning protocol

* Betty will be wearing a mask (over mouth and nose) and goggles at all times and a face shield for the bath time and blow-drying steps.

* Betty changes gloves, aprons, face shield between each client.

* As always, Betty washes her hands before and after every client, frequently and diligently, per CDC guidelines.

* Betty does a self wellness check daily (temperature + COVID-19 screening).

* The doodle spa is sanitized between each appointment, including surface areas and door handles. Extra time has been added between clients to allow for thorough cleaning.

* The spa's air is sanitized with UV lights daily after business hours. Windows and doors are open throughout the day as long as the weather permits.

* As always, every doodle enjoys sanitized grooming tools, like clipper blades, shears, nail clippers, nail files, etc.

* HEPA filters have been added to the spa, which circulates the air and removes 99.97% of airborne particles.

We appreciate your understanding, and we, too, cannot wait for this pandemic to be over. With strict prevention protocols, it will come sooner. Let's stick together and hang in there!

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