Rules & Regulations

Thank you for the opportunity to groom your dog. I will do my best to make the beauty appointment joyful and unforgettable not just for your dog but also for you.

To make sure your doggy is going to be the only one in the spotlight (also my other clients before and after you), please read the followings carefully!

Dog/Cat Sensitivity

In case your dog needs his/her space for any reason, please let me know ahead, so I can make sure neither my cats nor my doggy will be in the way. (No other animals will be around.)

Before you come in

  • A good exercise right before grooming is an excellent way to get a calmer doggy.
  • Keep your dog on leash, at all times when you come and go.
  • Pee-Mail: Let your doggy sniff around before you come in so he/she can read & send some pee-mails or leave some doggy business cards (#2) on the grass. Save the planet, clean up after your pup, please! (I have poop bags for free for that occasions, just let me know if you need some.)


"Punctuality is the politeness of kings." King Louis XVIII.

  • I expect you to arrive at the time you booked the beauty appointment for your dog. Being 5-10 mins early is OK.
  • Early Drop-Off: Contact me please, before you ring the doorbell. I may work on a doggy who can get excited about the doorbell and it can take until Christmas :) to calm him/her down again to finish grooming.
  • Late Drop-Off: In case you will arrive later than the agreed time, please call or text me ahead, because, after 15 minutes, we probably need to reschedule.

It's worth to be on time. Your appointment charge starts from coming in, in case you're early or on time and from the time of your booking in case you're late.

Pick-Up Notification

I will call/text you ~30 mins before I'm done with your dog, to enable you to be here by the time we are going to be done. I will also let you know about the price of the grooming in advance. (On-time pick-up is required since I don't use cages neither do boarding.)


Happens at the time of pick-up. I can accept:

  • Cash
  • Check (Pay to the order of: "Groomer Chick")
  • Cards accepted

Late Pick-Up

In case you will arrive later than the agreed time, please call or text me ahead, because, after 15 minutes, we probably need to reschedule.

  • Late Pick-Up Fee: I don't do boarding, I don't have cages and my schedule is comfortably tight for me. Because of that, I charge the same amount for every started hour for keeping your dog here after the agreed pick-up time as if I were grooming him/her. In that case, I will need to ask my next client to wait for me or I have to postpone their appointment what I want to avoid. (5-10 mins window is acceptable, but please don't exploit it.)

Rescheduling / Cancellations:

  • More than 48 business hrs before the appointment: You are good without deposit for the next appointment.
  • Less than 48 business hrs before the appointment (for any reason or not showing up). No problem, but your next booking will be accepted and finalized only with
  • half of the previously missed appointment's price and
  • the estimated full price of the next haircut as a deposit (non-refundable) at the time you wish to book your appointment (cash, check, card payment over the phone, pay pal, google wallet are accepted).

Thank you for your understanding!

Looking forward to meeting your pack soon! :)

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