Rules and Regulations

Thank you for the opportunity to groom your dog. I, the Groomer Chick will do my best to make the beauty appointment joyful and unforgettable not just for your dog but also for you. Please read the followings carefully!

Leash Law

Keep your dog(s) on a leash, at all times when you come and go from the grooming shop.

Grooming Sensitivity/Lack of Socialization to grooming

In case a dog is not socialized to grooming or has mild or severe sensitivities and the Groomer Chick is not able to finish or proceed at all with the grooming, the dog owner is still responsible for the time dedicated attempting to groom the dog. (The rest of the dedicated grooming time for the dog will not be charged.) In those cases, the dog owner is financially responsible for the time it took to collect information and the time to attempt to groom the dog.

Dog/Cat Sensitivity

In case your dog needs his/her space for any reason, please let the Groomer Chick know ahead of time, so she can make sure neither her cats nor her dog will be in the way. (No other animals will be around.)

Pee-Mail / "Doggy Business Cards"

Let your doggy sniff around before you come in so he/she can read & send some pee-mails or leave some doggy business cards (#2) on the grass.

Save the planet, please clean up after your pup! (Biodegradable poop bags are available for free by the door.)


"Punctuality is the politeness of kings." ~ King Louis XVIII.

The Groomer Chick expects you to arrive at the time you are booked for beauty appointment for your dog. Being 5-10 mins early is OK. It's worth it to be on time. Your appointment charge starts from coming in, in case you're early or on time and from the time of your booking in case you're late.

Early Drop-Off

The Groomer Chick may be working on a doggy who can get excited about the doorbell and it can take until Christmas :) to calm him/her down again to finish grooming. Please text the Groomer Chick when you arrive, so she can finish up a calm dog and be with you the fastest possible way.

Late Drop-Off

In case you may happen to arrive later than the agreed time, please call or text to the Groomer Chick in advance.

Being more than 15 minutes late will probably result in rescheduling.

Pick-Up Notification

The Groomer Chick will call/text you ~30 mins before your dog is done, to enable you to be here by the time they are going to be done. She will also let you know about the price of the grooming in advance. (On-time pick-up is required since the Groomer Chick does not offer boarding services.)

Late Pick-Up Fee

The Groomer Chick does not do boarding. She doesn't have cages.

Because of that, the Groomer Chick charges the same amount for every started hour for keeping your dog here after the agreed pick-up time as if I were grooming him/her. In that case, she will need to ask her next client to wait or I have to postpone/reschedule their appointment what I would like to avoid. (5-10 mins window is acceptable, but please don't exploit it.)

Rescheduling / Cancellations/No Shows

Rescheduling, cancellation arranged more than 48 business hrs before the appointment You are good without deposit for the next appointment.

Rescheduling, cancellation arranged less than 48 business hrs before the appointment (for any reason or not showing up).
Next booking will be accepted and finalized only with half of the previously missed appointment’s price and the estimated full price of the next haircut as a deposit (non-refundable) at the time you wish to book your appointment.


Estimates given up front are only estimates. Sometimes sensitivities to grooming arise at the time of grooming and not beforehand, which can increase the time needed to groom the dog as well as the price of the grooming.

The dog owner is responsible for the total price of the grooming. In case your dog is severely tangled and/or matted and you are on a budget, please notify the groomer chick up front about your upper budget limit dedicated to the booked grooming session so you all can make a plan in advance for your canine to get the most out of your grooming session.

If you do not notify the Groomer Chick in advance about budget limits, she will determine the grooming needs of the dog based on your description of the desired trim, the dog's hair quality and the best interest of the dog and she will proceed to provide all the dog's grooming needs.


Betty will send you a 30-minute notice about the pickup time, along with the total for the grooming. Payments are due at the time of the pick-up. You will get your receipt via email to contribute saving the planet.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cards
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • Venmo

Note: Please make checks payable to "Groomer Chick".

Possible items on the grooming bill (included but not limited to):

  • New Client Intake Talk (One time fee, at the time of the first grooming appointment only.)
  • Grooming Labor (Calculated by the hour.)
  • Supply fee (for shampoo, conditioner, water, electricity, etc. based on the dog's size and hair amount. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
  • Discounts if apply
  • TAX
  • Q & A

Easy to answer questions will be addressed at the time of the grooming session.

If you have questions about your dog's custom grooming needs for home hair maintenance between grooming sessions, which take longer to answer (like what kind of brush to use, how to keep the dog calm for brushing, bathing, etc.), you are encouraged to schedule a "Hair Maintenance at Home" appointment, where the Groomer Chick will answer all your questions and will give you customized suggestions to achieve the best look with the highest comfort for you all for home hair maintenance. See the Services page for more information.

You can also check out the Groomer Chick's Blog for related articles and the Groomer Chick's Store for ebooks about dog grooming. (The 15-20 minute New Client Intake Talk at the beginning of the first appointment is dedicated to gather information about the dog and owner and to answer basic questions of the owner.

Replying to questions asked beyond that window will be charged as grooming labor and are subject to limitations beyond the availability of the Groomer Chick before her next client comes.)

Images / Videos

The Groomer Chick may take and share images and or videos for fun and training purposes about her canine clients' grooming session. Please notify Betty in advance in case you prefer to opt out of this.

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